Keychains rock, and you can get one too!


Here’s the other thing I had to announce.

Recently, I received some Marlins keychains for test drive from Wholesale Keychains, and they have been awesome, as far as keychains go. Check out the site, they’ve got a variety of different keychains available with all sorts of different functionalities as well. Myself, I went with the cool look, a Florida Marlins logo and some black leather, always makes me a happy man. To the right is a picture of the one I’m using for myself.

The design looks great, and the logo is a bit old school, but I like it. Chains can be a bit tight, and the accessory itself takes up a little bit of room on the chain, so it can be uncomfortable, but another key ring solves the problem with ease and gives you maximum coolness while you’re at it. The ring width is large, but it can fit all sorts of keys without much of a problem, and adding extra key rings again can help with that. Overall, it looks great, and is an awesome addition to my otherwise bland set of keys.

I said that you can get one too, and I don’t just mean buying it from the store (though you should definitely try that out, as the prices are pretty affordable). I mean you can get one from me! I’ve been meaning to ask the readers out there what I can do to improve the Marlin Maniac site and get more folks over here. To that end, I’ll be holding a bit of a contest. Your job is to email me with inciteful suggestions to the site. Anything ranging from design issues (those I cannot control very well, but I will take into account), article ideas, topics you’d like me to focus on, any amount of suggestions, anything that I can use for the site and is thought-provoking. The best suggestion (yeah, I know, it’s quite subjective and this is supposed to be an objective site!) will earn the reader a keychain akin to the one to the left of this here paragraph.

Now, on to the specifics. Email all your suggestions to with the subject line “RE: Marlin Maniac Keychain Contest”. The body can include whatever suggestions you would like. In addition, include a handle (ideally the handle you usually use on the site, but anything will do) and a mailing address where I can send you the keychain (don’t worry, I won’t be sending you any junk mail). In addition, please list the site that referred you to Marlin Maniac or the person who referred you to the site. This serves two purposes: 1) it gives me an idea of where people are coming to my site from, and 2) the person who is listed as a referral the most will win a keychain as well! That’s right, if you’re listed as a referral the most times, you can get another keychain, like the one showed in the next paragraph. So please, please refer people to the site! The more you get, the better chance you have to win the keychains and make the Marlin Maniac site better. Please have your referrals list you using the handle you send to me, or at the very least the email address you used to mail me your suggestions. Remember, people who are referred also have to give me some suggestions in order for both parties to be eligible for the respective contests.

If the referral contest doesn’t work well (i.e. no one gets more than five referrals), only this keychain to the right will be handed out to the winner of the “best suggestion” part of the contest. If we get people with at least five referrals, the suggestions winner will receive the bottle opener keychain pictured above to the left, and the referral winner will receive the keychain shown to the right here.

Just to recap, there are two contests, one for Best Suggestion and one for Most Referrals. The winner of either contest wins a keychain from worth about $7! The winner of the Most Referrals contest must get at least five referrals to be eligible, and these referrals must also contribute a suggestion! Your email subject line must read “RE: Marlin Maniac Keychain Contest” and the body must include suggestions, your handle, a mailing address, and a referral, if you’ve got one. Emails should be sent to The contest will end when the Marlins are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, so consider that if you have any article ideas; it should be late in the season (hopefully), but if it ends up being within the next two weeks, I’ll announce any changes to the length of the contest.

Get out there, tell your friends, Marlins and sabermetrics fans alike (hopefully both), and give me your suggestions for your chance at a pretty cool keychain from! Any questions regarding the contest can be posted here or emailed to me, I’ll get back to you with the answer accordingly and in short time. Enjoy everyone, and I hope you keep reading Marlin Maniac!