Marlin Maniac and notes


Two quick things I wanted to mention regarding yours truly and the always awesome

– At around 1:00 pm EST, I’ll be on with Paul and Tom on Hot Stove TV doing a live webcast. I’ll be covering a couple of things of note, particularly the center field situation with Cameron Maybin still recovering from injury and the status of the bullpen. Take this opportunity to come on by to and ask a question for myself or something you wanted relayed over to John. I’ll be on to answer any questions readers may have. You can find out more about today’s live webcast here. Do drop by and chat with me, Tom, and Paul. It’ll be fun and hopefully somewhat informative. Also, if you’re interested in the Baltimore Orioles, at 2:00 pm they’ll be having friend of the Maniac, fellow BBA member, newest Beyond the Box Score writer, and Camden Crazies blogger Daniel Moroz on as well.

– Also, in case you haven’t checked on for a while, they have an awesome giveaway coming up, and it involves one of our favorite players. and Hollywood Collectibles have joined up and are giving away a free Hanley Ramirez autographed baseball! All you have to do to potentially get your hands on it is join their mailing list by March 17, 2010. Check out the full rules involved over here. I’d like to see someone who is a genuine Marlins fan get this, so go sign up for it today!

So those are the two important things. Make sure you guys drop by and check out the live webcast with me today at 1:00 pm EST. If you do drop by, go ahead and ask a question, I’d be more than happy to provide some sort of answer.