The Marlin Maniac Trade Deadline Primer is here!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, here’s your chance to purchase one of the most awesome things that I have been a part of in some time, the Marlin Maniac Trade Deadline Primer! I introduced the primer last week, and here’s a recap of some of what you’ll be seeing:

"The Marlins Trade Deadline Primer is a ten-page e-book available for purchase and download via links which I will be posting when available (it hasn’t come out yet, but you can tell I’m excited). Within those ten pages, you will get exclusive Marlins content, including:– a recap of the Marlins’ first half through June. What went right, wrong, and everywhere in between?– an outlook for the Marlins’ second half, particularly focused on the trade deadline and what the Fish should do– report cards and commentary on 20 Marlins players who have made a big impact this season, whether it be positive or negative– a look at a few players the Marlins could be interested in acquiring at the deadline– an overview at the Marlins’ top prospects– a discussion on five players the Marlins may deal by the deadline– and an essay on what the Marlins could lose beyond players by selling at the deadline"

Now here’s the cool part. I lied, it isn’t ten pages. The Marlin Maniac Trade Deadline Primer comes in at a whopping 161 pages of content, including information about all of the other 29 Major League teams. Not only will you be fully prepared for the trade deadline and beyond for the Marlins, but you’ll also be prepped about the goings on all around the league! Exclusive to the Marlin Maniac version is the report cards and team essay; you’ll get that only from MM! You’ll get overviews of not only the Fish, but all ML teams, along with discussions on trade targets and prospects for each organization! In addition, the awesome guys at TwinsCentric were able to get a great foreword from one of my favorite writers, ESPN’s Rob Neyer!

How can you get your hands on this fabulous piece of hard work and writing determination? Here’s what you can do:

– First, check out a quarter of the book absolutely free here. There’s no reason not to, and there’s a lot of great work here by respected bloggers from all teams, including FanSided’s own John Parent from Motor City Bengals.

– Then, when you decide to purchase the whole thing for a measly $9.95, you can do so here. You can also check all of the other versions of the primer, with team essays and report cards of other teams of interest, at their site.

So again, take a look at the free quarterbook, enjoy it, and check out the full version for only $9.95. All of the writers TwinsCentric got to take part in this project put in a lot of hard work and effort, and I think we put out a great product to get fans psyched and ready for the trade deadline and the second half of the season. Check it out!