Marlins All-Time Team


With today being the last game ever for the Florida Marlins, becoming the Miami Marlins next season. The Marlins are set to name their all-time team after the game. This will be along with other festivities, including many former Marlins taking the field.

Without any further ado, I will name my all-time Marlins team based on on my favorite Marlins of all time. This will not be statistically based at all. Just a fun look at my favorite Marlins position-by-position.


#7 Ivan Rodriguez 

I gave a lot of consideration to Charles Johnson, but this play by Pudge put him over the top.


First Base:

#25 Derrick Lee

Derrick Lee was the obvious choice for me. He’s by far the best Marlins first-basemen in history, that is unless of course you love Hee-Shop Choi (may his career R.I.P)

Second Base:

#1 Luis Castillo

If you know me, you know I am not a big Dan Uggla fan at all. With the way he left the Marlins, rest assure, Uggla got no consideration from me.

Short Stop:

#2 Hanley Ramirez

Hanley Ramirez is the Marlins. Probably the best Marlin of all-time and the Marlins in 2012 and beyond will go as far as Hanley takes them.

Third Base:

#19 Mike Lowell

Mike Lowell gets the nod at third base. Everyone calls Jeff Conine “Mr. Marlin,” I however consider Lowell to be a bigger representative of Miami and the Marlins.

Left Field:

#20/24 Miguel Cabrera

No list of my all-time favorite Marlins would be complete without having Lowell and Cabrera in it. Since Miggy played left field when he first came up in 2003, I used a loophole to get both in here.

Center Field:

#27 Mike Stanton

Mike Stanton in center? Yes, I found another loophole. Mike Stanton has played one inning in center but this makes him eligible to play there then. You’ll see why I moved Big Mike here next.

Right Field:

#10 Gary Sheffield

Gary Sheffield set the Marlins single season home run record in 1996. He was a key part of the 1997 Marlins world series team. Sheffield even said that if he gets into the Hall of Fame, he may go in with a Marlins hat.


#20 Logan Morrison

Another loophole in case the Marlins decide to move to the AL.

That’s my team of Marlins I would love to roll out. Stay tuned and I will have the Marlins all-time pitchers posted on Friday.