The last week has been one wild ride.


Let’s just run down the list shall we:

1.) I’ve already discussed the new Marlins logo.  Though my initial reaction was not positive, it is starting to grow on me…..sort of.

2.) Marlins team President David Sampson calls all old school die hard Marlins fans a bunch of bitches.

3.) Our closer has an identity crisis.  Long live the #OviedoCoaster.

4.) We re-signed Omar Infante.  Awesome, now I can check that one off the to-do list.

5.) Jack McKeon announced he will retire (again) after the end of this season.

6.) We hired a new manager named Ozzie, no, not Ozzy, but you can still queue up “Crazy Train.”  The entertainment value that he brings to the table alone is worth the price of admission.  Plus, I hear he bites the heads off of bats.  I wonder if that counts as corking a bat?

7.) Watching nineteen years of what has made me who I am today relived on TV through the Marlins greatest moments and seeing all the old players who proudly donned the teal down on the field (WHERE THE HELL WAS Chuck Carr?) saying goodbye to the Florida Marlins and Joe Robbie Stadium in front of 34,615 people and while at the same time also saying hello to the Miami Marlins yesterday reduced me to what I can only describe to you as a teary eyed blithering idiot.  Very few things in my entire life have brought me to tears like that.  I am truly humbled.  Go Marlins!!!!