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Can’t We All Just Get Along?


Editors Note:This post is an olive branch to David and Marlins Diehards. We at MarlinManiac have nothing but respect for our fellow Marlin bloggers. We did not appreciate something and would like to address that.-EK

It appears that some of my fellow Marlin bloggers have gotten their panties in a bit of a bunch (here) and in the comments section under last Thursday’s blog post concerning what could be the new Marlin uniforms.  I’m still new to this whole blogging thing having just started this past July so unless I happen to frequent a site like the one referenced (here) I have no idea what to do when someone sends me a juicy piece of information, or in this case, pictures of what could be the new Marlin Uniforms, other than to post them up on the blog for discussion.  My source also requested not to be named and to be real honest I had already seen these same pictures posted in numerous places on Twitter (see pictures under @James_Bondman, @DannyMartinez4 as examples) so citing one source over another without knowing for sure where their true point of origin lay seemed counterproductive as I felt that at this point, these uniform pictures had become fairly common knowledge among the Marlins faithful.

The point is that these uniform pictures were fair game, and I took an opportunity to put it up on the MarlinManiac blog so we as Marlins fans could discuss and maybe determine whether they were actually the REAL uniforms or not.  My intent was not to one-up anybody, or steal anybody’s thunder.  And I sure as hell wasn’t trying to get into a pissing match with anybody.

That being said, in the future I always welcome and greatly appreciate constructive feedback from readers but please remember, we are all on the same team here, or at least we are supposed to be.


James “ManOfTeal” Etzbach

Go Marlins!!!!