Bring Me the Head of Billy the Marlin!


Does anybody else remember opening day 1997?  It was a warm Spring afternoon at Pro Player/Joe Robbie Stadium and thousands of Marlins fan were eagerly awaiting the first pitch of what everyone had hoped would be a great season for the fish.  Of course, as we all know it turned out to be a fantastic season as the Marlins brought their very first world series trophy home to Miami.  You always remember your first time.

Some of you will also remember the skydiver that the Marlins brass paid to jump out of an airplane while wearing a Billy the Marlin costume and land on the field during opening day festivities.  Only about halfway through his decent, Billy’s costume head flew off.  Fortunately the skydiver, being a professional, was able to change direction and I think ended up landing in the parking lot instead of on the field where normally happy children would have looked on in horror as a decapitated Billy the Marlin slumped to the ground in center.  I’m still not sure if they ever found the head.

Ah the memories…..

So without further adieu I now present to you Billy the Marlin’s new head:

Announced just the other day (image courtesy of Marlin Nation via Facebook) this will be Billy’s new look.  No word yet what Billy’s superpowers are but now he can hobnob with elite company such as:


I’m sure the kids will love the new Billy.

Till next week folks….Happy Thanksgiving.

Go Marlins!!!!