Logan Morrison needs surgery, talks about run-ins with management


Logan Morrison had some clashes with management in 2011. Part of the fault should be put on Morrison for not always filtering what he said and part of the blame goes on the Marlins management for mishandling each situation with Morrison, which turned into horrible PR nightmares for the Marlins and Morrison.

Here is quick recap of Morrison’s issues with Marlins management in the 2011 season:

  • Morrison criticized San Francisco Giants general manager Brian Sabean publicly, after Sabean blasted Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins following a season ending home-plate collision for Giants catcher Buster Posey.
  • Team president David Samson asked Morrison to “tone it down” on Twitter, citing that some of his tweets were “inappropriate.”
  • After the Marlins fired hitting coach John Mallee, someone who had climbed the organizational latter with Morrison,  in early June, Morrison pointed his finger at the man on top, Jeffery Loria.
  • After Jack McKeon took over as manager, it is reported that Morrison had confronted teammate Hanley Ramirez behind closed doors about his late arrivals.
  • After skipping a mandatory team function, Morrison was demoted to Triple-A and recalled 10-days later. Morrison then filed a grievance against the team.

This relationship is likely to end in a bitter and ugly divorce right? WRONG!

Morrison recently told Joe Cappozi of the Palm Beach Post this:

"I think I have a good relationship with those guys,’ Morrison said. “If they see something that I’m doing wrong they wouldn’t hesitate to call me in the office and tell me."

In fact, when it became public that the Marlins were courting free agent shortstop Jose Reyes, Morrison said he sent Sampson a text message saying “SIGN REYES!” Morrison has good communication with Marlins management, even with the runs-ins last season.

This is great news if you are a Marlins fan. Logan Morrison is an extremely talented player and you do not want a player of his caliber to be traded because of a dispute with the front office. The future seems to be very bright in Miami for Logan Morrison going forward.

In the same Cappozi article, Morrison talks about lingering issues discomfort in his knee. Morrison battled tendinitis in the knee most of 2011, is expected to visit a doctor sometime this week. 2011 was not kind for Morrison’s knee. Morrison required stitches on his knee after colliding with Emilio Bonifacio in August. He also slammed his knee twice in September on foul balls against a wall. Morrison expects to be ready for Spring Training in February even if he requires surgery.

Also, Morrison will also be hosting his  second youth baseball camp to raise money for the American Lung Association. The January 14th-15th camp taking place at Roger Dean Stadium will be in honor of Morrison’s father, Tom, who passed away December 8th due to Lung Cancer. For more information, go online to www.LoMO4Lungs.org.