Marlins Agree to Acquire Carlos Zambrano


Breaking news last night was that the Miami Marlins continued their process of building a circus at their new stadium, in case the baseball team does not start winning. The Marlins are in the process of collecting disruptive personal pieces.

The Marlins last night agreed to a trade with the Chicago Cubs that would send Carlos Zambrano to the Fish for Chris Volstad. This is a move that many Marlins fans were thrilled to see. Not because they necessarily wanted Zambrano, but because Chris Volstad is no longer a Marlins. Cubs fans today have that opposite feeling. They are glad to rid their team of Zambrano’s cancerous attitude. For me personally, I like that the Marlins are taking this risk, but I would personally be putting my money on Chris Volstad in 2012 and going forward.

The Marlins clubhouse now features characters such as the best tweeter in the world, Logan Morrison, a hot head manager, Ozzie Guillen, a moody, sometimes lazy superstar, Hanley Ramirez, and now a temperamental Carlos Zambrano. With the Zamrano trade, you know PETA has got to be raising some red flags. The Marlins need to keep the bats away from Zambrano and those new fish tanks.

None of this should be a problem, as long as the Marlins are winning. However, if the Marlins are not winning, expect hell to be raised in South Beach. It will not be pretty. My question is, are the Marlins now a contending team with a rotation of Josh JohnsonMark BuehrleAnibal SanchezRicky Nolasco-Carlos Zambrano? Also, with the acquisition of Zambrano, does that spell the end of Nolasco as a Marlin?

I will take a quick look at what you can expect from this current team tomorrow. I will examine if the Marlins are a playoff threat.