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This one is for the Hanley Ramirez haters!


Much has been made this off-season with how Hanley Ramirez is going handle the Miami Marlins moving Hanley to third base, with the recent signing of Jose Reyes. Ramirez has not said much all off-season, but he is preparing his response! Haters be aware!

Thanks to MLB.com for the link and this translation for what Hanley was saying in the commercial!

"To all of those who wrote to me criticizing me, sorry for not answering. I was busy with this bat and marker writing your names, the response is on the way. Sincerely, Hanley Ramirez"

I think a lot of Marlins fans have forgotten just how good Ramirez has been for the Fish. For reference to how good he has been, I will bring up his stats over his career.

2012 (Fans Projected)144631.297.373.470.3715.0

Hanley Ramirez was an elite player between the years of 2006 and 2010. Many fans forget just how good he was. Ramirez was worst season before last culminated in a 4.6 WAR as a low. He was over 7.4 WAR twice in the 2008 and 2009 seasons. While the fans are not exactly expecting a bounce back to that exact level for Ramirez in 2012, it would not be a stretch for him to be able to match his 2008 and 2009 numbers.

Jose Reyes is a great player as well, but he does not quite offer what Ramirez offers when he is at his best. The Marlins improved their team with the signing of Reyes and Ramirez’s move to third. Marlins fans know this, and soon the league will too!