Miami Marlins were able to manage to take the series from the  Miami Marlins were able to manage to take the series from the 

Astros-Marlins Observations & Cubs-Marlins Predictions


While it was not too pretty, but the Miami Marlins were able to manage to take the series from the Houston Astros, after a walk-off winning hit from Hanley Ramirez. Throughout the series I was able to make a few random but important observations.

  • Hanley Ramirez is back. He finally managed to break out of his dreadful slump and hit .500 (7-14) against Houston with a clutch 2-run homerun to tie the game up in the 8th. His next at bat would be the deciding factor as he smacked a walk-off hit on a 1-2 count to send the Marlins home with a series win. The swing looks beautiful, his attitude is exciting, and his demeanor is something to talk about. Welcome back Hanley.
  • Omar Infante will have a much larger role than what we previously expected. Coming into this season, who would have thought that Omar Infante would be hitting .343 with 4 homeruns through his 9 games played. Not to many of us…so congrats Omar. Though he did make a silly error, Infante is a very solid second baseman. If he can stay moderately consistent offensively, watch out!
  • Gaby Sanchez takes some ugly swings! Thankfully he had the clutch walk-off double in Game 1.
  • Emilio Bonifacio is a ball player. I cannot believe I just said that as I used to despise the guy a couple years ago. So far, Emilio has shown zero signs that last year was a fluke and looks to me like a legit weapon in the #2 hole.
  • John Buck does not do too many things right.
  • Heath Bell has SUCKED so far. This better change FAST.
  • My new favorite player is Steve Cishek. This kid is for real and will be a weapon in the bullpen this year. With his young age, funky delivery, and ability to retire a side, there is a lot of things to like concerning Cishek.
  • The homerun machine is corny, but at least it went off! Twice! Homers- (Omar Infante, Hanley Ramirez)
  • Hanley’s homer was a moon shot man! He crushed that
  • JD Martinez and Jose Altuve both have great careers ahead of them. Personally, I was worried every time they stepped to the plate.
  • Stanton’s plate dicipline is still dirt poor. Throw a low breaking slider, and he’s gone.
  • Logan Morrison looks like a child out in left field. Bites his nails, picks grass, and pretends to dance to the club music. Drops a game deciding fly ball, takes terrible routes at fly balls, and still manages to help this team win. LoMo had a good offensive series driving in key runs at needed moments. Also gunned down Carlos Lee at the plate and played a little bit at first base, a sign for the future? I hope
  • Joey Cora is a genius. Leaving Chad Gaudin in to hit looked stupid at first. How did that turn out in the end? 🙂

Overall, forgetting about the meltdown during Game #2, it was an overall good series for the Fish. After an off day, they will move on to the Chicago Cubs before facing the Washington Nationals this weekend. Here are 5 predictions I think will be 100% during the Cubs series.

1. Giancarlo Stanton WILL go yard.

10 games in without a homerun from Stanton? This is crazy and WILL end this coming series. Mark my word.

2. Josh Johnson will bounce back and show us that we should not be worried.

Josh Johnson has sucked so far. No better way to say it. Cannot have that coming from your ace. He is our ace for a reason and will show the Marlins why come Tuesday.

3. Emilio Bonifacio will reach base all 3 games.

Though his 8 game hit streak ended, Bonifacio still has reached base every game this season minus the opener. This will not change against the Cubs. Bonifacio will reach 7 times or more and record 2 stolen bases.

4. Heath Bell will record a save

Atleast I hope so. So far Bell has shown he cannot pitch in a coaches pitch little league fundraiser. Bell is an all-star for a reason and will find a way to bounce back against the Cubs.

5. The Marlins will execute their first sweep of the  season

Count on it!