Miami Marlins: Giancarlo Stanton, Logan Morrison Injury Updates


Giancarlo Stanton will miss his second consecutive game today, and as well as the rest of the Brewers series, which will end tomorrow. Stanton hopes to return to the lineup, Friday, versus the Cardinals. Stanton is battling a sore knee, the same on that caused him to miss some time during spring training. The Marlins do not believe it is anything to serious.

“I’m going to go for this weekend,” said Stanton, who has 19 homers on this season. “I feel alright. I just have got to let some swelling and stuff go down.”

Stanton felt the knee lock on him in the eighth inning on Monday night. In the field, Stanton was anticipating if he had to make a play in right field, at that point, he experienced discomfort.

“It locked up on me, and that was it,” Stanton said. “I didn’t have to hit after that. It’s something I didn’t really want to mess with right now.”

However, for precautionary reasons, the Marlins had Stanton take an MRI Tuesday, which they are awaiting the results for. Stanton has stated that if he cannot return for the series against the Cardinals, he will take himself out of the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game.

At this point, I do not see any point of Stanton doing anything other then resting if his knee is not 100%. Yes, watching Stanton in the home run derby would be fun, but it is more fun to see Stanton healthy and leading the Marlins to victories in games that matter. Stanton will have plenty of opportunities to participate in future All-Star games and Home Run Derby’s.

What do you guys think? Should Stanton be partaking in any All-Star Game festivities if he is not 100%?

Stanton’s knee is a concern for the Marlins right now, but the team will also be monitoring the knee of Logan Morrison. His knee issues have also plagued him since spring training, but unlike Stanton, it has hampered his numbers thus far.

LoMo’s knee is part of the reason he is not in the lineup today, the other reason is the Marlins are resting LoMo because they are facing a lefty. That part baffles me, as LoMo can handle lefties as well as righties.