Marlin Maniac Weekly Recap (2/18/13-2/24/13)


Another week behind us means that we are another week closer to the start of the Major League Baseball season. In the past week, Spring Training games kicked off and the Marlins are already facing four tough injuries. Logan Morrison is still recovering from his offseason knee surgery, recent minor league signee Casey Kotchman cut his finger on a pop-up machine, Justin Ruggiano is dealing with back soreness, and catcher Jeff Mathis is out six weeks after suffering a broken collarbone on a foul tip.

Although Jeff Mathis’ stats do not seem to be great, without a viable option for backup catcher, his loss could be a big one for the Fish. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

All of those injuries aside, the Marlins biggest scare last week was when Giancarlo Stanton took a pitch to the head from top prospect Jose Fernandez. Good thing Stanton did more damage to the ball then it could do to Stanton.

But the good news is that the Marlins have not lost a game yet. They won their first Grapefruit League game against the St. Louis Cardinals, 8-3. The Marlins and Washington Nationals ended in a tie, at 2 a piece in their game yesterday.

Let’s take a quick look at the articles written here on Marlin Maniac last week:

 Ehsan Kassim (7):

  • Interested in catching some Marlins’ games on your way to work? Or are you thinking about the best time to renew your MLBTV subscription? Well, take a look at this post to find out when the you can catch the Marlins’ live broadcast on 790 the Ticket or on MLBTV. Also a side not, the Marlins-Mets game will be broadcasted on MLB Network on Saturday, at 1:00 PM EST.
  • In a season where there will be a lot of disappointment for Marlins fans, a look at my #15 Marlins prospect, Alfredo Silverio, will give a Marlins something to root for. Silverio could be the next Marlins Dan Uggla.
  • The general consensus last season was that Giancarlo Stanton was an inferior hitter at Marlins Park as opposed to on the road. However, that is a myth that I busted last week. Giancarlo was an about even hitter at home or on the road. Find out if this was just a fluke or something that Stanton can sustain in 2013 and beyond.
  • Baseball America released it’s annual top 100 prospect rankings last week and the Marlins placed six on that list. Even better news for the Marlins was that four of the six prospects were homegrown prospects. Check out here who made the list. You’ll be mildly surprised by who BA has ranked as the Marlins third best prospect.
  • As I will do every Friday, I had a link dump, called Marlins Way, in which I listed the best articles of the week for the Marlins from around the web. There are some really good reads in there, including updates to injured Marlins players.
  • Even though we introduced two new authors to MM last week, we are still looking for new writers to ramp up the staff and Marlins coverage as Opening Day nears. We are also searching for a Social Media manager. If either of these roles interest you, please read here to find out more details.
  • Jeffery Loria finally came out of his hibernation and Marlins fans sure wish he did not. Loria wrote a “letter for our fans,” in which he called out the media for portraying him in a negative light and basically called Marlins fans dumb. Read the entire letter here.

Geoff Parkins (1):

  • Twitter trolls are something that we will never be able to get rid of, and they only get worse when something big happens. When Stanton took a pitch to the head, the conspiracy theorists came out in full force, believing that Loria was the culprit in an attempt to behead Stanton. We all know Loria is a crook, but a murderer, we have no idea.


  • Check out what Andy means when he mentions, “The Marlins Family.” The Marlins may not have the fan following of the larger franchises, with a richer history, but that does not mean the fans cannot be as devoted and supporting of the team.