Latest Giancarlo Stanton News: Including Awing Texiera, TV Apperances, and Trade Rumors


I have grown wary of Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors that have popped up since the Miami Marlins completed their fire sale this past November. After the team dumped off a majority of their 2012 team, it was clear the Marlins were in rebuilding mode.

Soon after, the inevitable question came up, “is Stanton next,” or “how much time does Stanton left as a Marlin?”

Even though he has been away from the Marlins since Saturday, Giancarlo Stanton has remained in the headlines . Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The only time I even to bother to listen to or read any Stanton rumors these days are when they come from a reputable source. Those sources for me include Ken Rosenthal, Buster Olney, Jayson Stark, and a few others.

One of those other sources that I would trust would trust would be Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. This is what Cafardo had to say in his column on Sunday about Stanton:

"Giancarlo Stanton, RF, Marlins — One AL executive makes a good point: never rule out the Tigers as a major player for Stanton when the time comes. Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski has strong ties to the Marlins from his time with them. He also appears to have the chips in third baseman/outfielder Nick Castellanos, outfielder Avisail Garcia, righty Rick Porcello, and others."

Such a trade makes no sense to me at all. For one, Rick Porcello is already making $5 million this upcoming season and has two years left of arbitration left after this season. He would already be priced out of the Marlins range. That would make him an unlikely part of the package the Tigers could offer the Marlins.

Secondly, while Nick Castellanos is an intriguing prospect, coming in as the 21st best prospect according to Baseball America, he should not be the type of player the Marlins should target to headline a package for someone of Stanton’s caliber. The Marlins should be demanding a top 10 overall prospect to be the headliner in such a package.

Finally, while Baseball America rates Avisal Garcia as the 74th best prospect in baseball, there is a lot about him that concerns me about his future. For one, Garcia is too aggressive for his own good, which leads to a horrible walk rate, which is worse because he has a high strikeout rate. Also, Garcia is going to be a player that is largely dependent on his BABIP in order to be successful in the pros. The Marlins have a minimum of two prospects in the minors that are better than him, maybe even a third.

Unless the “others” that Cafardo’s American League scout mentions are Justin Verlander or Miguel Cabrera, it would be hard to imagine the Tigers making an enticing enough offer for Stanton’s services.

For those fans pointing out that the Marlins got nothing big in return for Miguel Cabrera/Dontrelle Willis, in hind-sight, that maybe true, but at the time of the trade, the Marlins received two of the best prospects in all of baseball. It just so happened those prospects never panned out.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Stanton Makes T.V. Appearance

Stanton made an appearance on the E! series After Lately, a spin-off of Chelsea Lately on Monday night. Stanton was apart of the storyline with cast member Sarah Colonna.

If you missed it, the episode will air again later today at 8:30 PM EST on E!. This will be the first opportunity for Marlins fans to see Stanton doing something other than playing baseball.

Stanton Awes Teammate Mark Texiera

In baseball related Stanton news, apparently, Stanton stole the show during the first team USA workout. According to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports all the other players on the USA roster had their eyes glued to Stanton’s batting practice.

One of his teammates, Mark Texiera, gave Stanton’s BP a rave review:

"“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira said. “I’ve played with a lot of guys headed for the Hall of Fame, but I’ve never seen anything like it.”"

Tex especially cautioned that his car maybe in danger if Stanton continues to swing like he does:

"“I think I was OK because my car is in Tampa,” Teixeira said. “Although, with the right wind, he still might be able to hit it.”"

Some high praise from one of the better hitters in baseball. Stanton’s name will only continue to grow as more of the public will get to see him play in the World Baseball Classic.

Marlins fans, enjoy him as much as you can, before he is inevitably traded off like every other great Marlin.