My hatred of the Braves is well..."/>

My hatred of the Braves is well..."/>

Tonight’s Game Recap: Crap, We are Playing the Braves


My hatred of the Braves is well documented.  You can read about it here.  The fact that I live in Atlanta and am forced, because of ridiculous blackout restrictions, to listen to the Braves announcers, does not help either.  That being said, here is your recap of the Marlins vs. Braves game.

Wade LeBlanc gives up a home-run to some Braves player, we will call him, that guy who got lucky, in the top of the first to give the Braves a 2-0 lead. YAWN! Chris Medlen is pitching for the Braves and he gives up a single walk in the inning as the Braves announcers cannot seem to figure out how Giancarlo Stanton hits the ball like he does.  I think he swings the bat and pure awesomeness intervenes, but I’m not intelligent enough to be a Braves announcer, after all, I went to college.  Do you feel the sarcasm?

Gregg Dobbs hits a nice double that lands right in front of one of the Upton brothers. I can’t keep them straight, but it was awesome.  Oh wait, apparently it was an error because the Braves do not give doubles to other teams, so score it E-8.  Dobbs would later come around to score to make it a 2-1 Braves lead.  NO SHUTOUT FOR US!!!  It’s the little things, don’t judge.  This happens in the bottom of the second inning; this is going to be a long game.

The Braves couldn’t do anything in the third inning, because they cannot handle the awesomeness of Giancarlo Stanton, who makes an outstanding catch to rob them of anything significant.  Then the Braves announcers talk about how awesome their pitchers are and I think to myself how awesome Livan Hernandez‘s 15 strikeouts were during the 1997 NLCS and all is right with the world.  During the bottom of the third inning Juan Pierre steals second leaving the Braves dumbfounded.

Ed Hardy, I mean Dan Uggla, walks in the top of the fourth inning, and went no where, just like when he was a Marlin. FLASHBACK!  Polanco gets a legitimate double in the bottom of the inning and earns the brief respect of the Braves announcers.  Polonco makes it to third but would end up staying there on a Hechevarria ground out and a sure chest bump in the booth by the Braves announcers.

Wade LeBlanc is doing a great job of holding the Upton brothers at bay this game by striking out one of them in the top of the fifth inning.  Then Simmons singles and the other Upton clone throws a fit on  home plate when he skies one to Gregg Dobbs to end whatever hope the evil Braves had for the fifth inning.  The Marlins preserved the score in their half of the inning.

Some unknown Brave gets a double in the top of the sixth inning and Dan Uggla reminds us all why we are glad he is no longer a Marlin by striking out.  Then a fly ball out by some Brave player, then some other Braves player strikes out because Wade LeBlanc is awesome!  Marlins don’t do much in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Wilson Ramos comes in to relieve the great job by Wade LeBlanc and promptly strikes out the first Brave player he faces.  Then the next Braves player flies out to Stanton and the last Braves player strikes out.  The Fish don’t do much in the bottom of the seventh inning.

Ramos, throws the ball into the dugout and lets Simmons take second base in the top of the eighth and then later scores to begin the falling apart of the Marlins defense.  Then Braves announcers make fun of Polanco because, you know, that’s how they roll.  HE CAUGHT THE BALL!  Why is this even a question?  Uggla is up, he makes the women in Miami want to puke.  Uggla promptly grounds out to Hechevarria just like we would expect him to.  Then Ramos strikes out another bad guy Brave player to end the inning. Braves up 3-1.  The Braves fear Stanton’s awesomeness in the bottom of the eighth inning with Austin Kearns on third by walking him to allow the go-ahead run in the form of Placido Polanco to come to the plate and he promptly singles to right and scores Kearns to make it 3-2 Braves.  Gregg Dobbs would ground out to Dan Uggla to end the inning.

Jon Rauch would not allow the Braves to get any traction in the top of the ninth inning.  Braves closer Craig Kimbrel would come in to face the bottom part of the Marlins lineup and walk the leadoff Marlin which then allowed Brantly to bunt, badly, to allow a double play.  Hechevarria would then strike out to end the game.

Till next time kids.

Go Marlins!!!!