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Ricky Nolasco Wants to Pitch for the San Francisco Giants?


Jun 16, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco (47) throws during the third inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco beat writer Henry Schulman recently reported that the Marlin’s current ace, Ricky Nolasco, would prefer to be moved to the San Francisco Giants when the Marlins trade him this year.

"What I’ve heard: If the Marlins were to trade starter Ricky Nolasco,his first choice is to come to the #sfgiants. Makes sense on many levels. He’s a California boy. He has a big contract, so the Giants could take on money and not give up big prospect. Has an 0.87 ERA in four starts at AT&T. Plus, since he wants to be here, chances of re-signing him as a free agent would increase. I also understand he’s a good friend of Sergio Romo. Nolasco is 30."

While this may be surprising its actually a perfect move for both the Marlins and the Giants.

Here’s why.

The Marlins were able to trade Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante for two pieces of the current Marlins rebuilding process, Jacob Turner and Rob Brantly. It was a good move for both parties since the Marlins got young and cheap players for older and expesinve players. Anibal Sanchez was going to be a free agent at the end of the year so it was smart to trade for the future. Essentially, Ricky Nolasco is in the same position for the Marlins. His contract is expiring and he is not going to resign with the Marlins. Both players are good middle rotation starting pitchers that can help a contender get to the playoffs. Anibal Sanchez was huge in the Detroit Tiger playoff run.  There is though one big difference between Sanchez and Nolasco and its not really talent.

Its money.

Ricky Nolasco earned an expensive contract in his tenure with the Marlins and is being paid 11 million dollars this year. That’s a lot of money for an end of the year rental. The Marlins will not make a deal where they have to pay for most of his contract this year. A trade for Nolasco is being made for two reasons.

  1. We are still shedding all expensive contracts as we speak and since he is being paid in the multimillions we are gonna get rid of him.
  2. To get a mid level prospect that can contribute in the future.

So with such a big price tag on a mid-level rotation starter at best, its gonna be tricky getting a very prospect while getting rid of the cost of Nolasco.  This is where San Francisco comes in.

The Giants have had rare starting pitching problems this year. Tim Lincecum is still not even close to his Cy Young winning years, Matt Cain has led the struggles of the entire rotation, but it cannot be expected that the rotation can not improve with the exception of Tim Lincecum. If the Giants trade for Nolasco, they could slip him into rotation and move Lincecum to the bullpen where he dominated during the postseason.

Also since the Marlins won’t pay for Nolasco’s contract the Giants GM doesn’t have to give up any elite prospects. It would probably be a win for the Giants since they will be able to solidify their rotation and make them prepared for their postseason run.

How does this trade help the Marlins, though?

The Marlins would be getting rid of the final piece of their old expensive roster, for one. It makes the Marlins rotation younger and it gives their young pitchers an opportunity to show their worth. Then the Giants have a reputation of developing top of the line pitchers, even if they are not considered elite when they are in the Minors. The Marlins can get some good pitching prospects like Mike Kickham and  Clayton Blackburn making their already strong minor league pitching prospects even stronger. The Marlins would be solidifying their future for the low price of an aging veteran.

We are going to trade Nolasco this season. That is set in stone. While Nolasco would prefer to be traded to the Giants, the Marlins are going to go to the highest bidders for him. However if he gets traded to San Francisco, I won’t be angry.