Giancarlo Stanton Snubbed from NL Home Run Derby Team


The annual pre-All Star game Home Run is one week from tonight and Giancarlo Stanton will not be taking part for the National League. National League captain David Wright who will be starting for the Senior Circuit team in his home ballpark next Tuesday, chose the Phenom Bryce Harper as well as two teammates from Colorado Carlos Gonzalez and Michael Cuddyer…wait what?

In his infinite wisdom the Captain, Mr. Likeable chose Michael Cuddyer who’s only more than 30 home runs once in his career in 2009 to the NL Home Run Derby team. While there is only one guy in the entire Majors that can match Chris “Crush” Davis’ power, that is our own Giancarlo Stanton. Giancarlo isn’t the Marlins representative in New York that honor goes to Jose Fernandez. But are you serious? Michael Cuddyer? Sure if the players were participating in an opposite field double derby I would like to have Cuddyer on my team. But for a home run derby? There is only one man to fill that spot and that’s not only because I’m a biased Marlins fan. Giancarlo the man who broke that scoreboard in left field, the man who hit the Coke bottle during batting practice at AT&T park, the man who hits the ball harder than anyone isn’t going to bash some dingers for the NL in New York; Michael Cuddyer is. Well I don’t know to what think and what Mr. Smiley was thinking, maybe Giancarlo isn’t a big name but he sure is a bigger star than Michael Cuddyer ever was and ever will be.

The national media hates the Marlins and it shows, Bryce Harper will be in the derby because the media loves him, Giancarlo won’t be, why? I can’t tell you a good reason. Enough said.