Marlin Maniac Authors React to Yelich, Marisnick Promotions


Feb 22, 2013; Jupiter, FL, USA; Miami Marlins player Jake Marisnick (77) poses for a picture during photo day at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest news surrounding the Miami Marlins today continues to be the promotions of their top outfield prospects, Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick.

Earlier today, Esteban Bailey posted his reaction to the promotion, calling it the “right move” for the Marlins to make. Here are the reactions from the rest of the Marlin Maniac staff:

1. Did the Marlins make the correct decision in promoting Yelich and Marisnick at this point in the season?

Geoff Parkins: Yes. A pot with 37 scoreless innings boiling away most definitely needs to be stirred.

David Polakoff: I think both needed to be promoted this season. The season is shot anyway, and I think it helps to get these players some seasoning in low-pressure situations.

Placido Estevez: The Marlins are making the correct move in that they get the opportunity to see how Yelich and Marisnick handle major league pitching before this offseason when they start to receive big offers for Stanton. Also, it allows them to put off arbitration for a year for both Ozuna and Dietrich.

Even though it should be noted that Ozuna may have hurt his thumb last night on a diving catch and it would be financially beneficial for him to go the MLB DL instead, so I would not be surprised to hear him claim to be injured.

Andy Salgado: Only time will tell if they made the right decision. Personally, I think it will be fun to see how two young talents handle themselves in the majors.

Alex Agueros: No. Starting their service time so early is not only an unnecessary gamble, but it’s also a little concerning. Considering the Marlins’ reputation, starting their clocks early typically means they’ll leave sooner, rather than later.

Jul 14, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins second baseman Derek Dietrich is greeted at home plate by right fielder Marcell Ozuna (48) after his two run home run in the fourth inning against the Washington Nationals at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

2. Was the decision to send Ozuna and Dietrich justified with their poor play of late?

Geoff Parkins: Initially, I guessed Ruggiano and Pierre. But, it makes sense to season Ozuna and Deitrich in AA. Plus, I still think JP (and his work ethic) is a valuable asset in the clubhouse. Will make for a competitive spring in Jupiter next year.

David Polakoff: Ozuna yes, Dietrich no. We’ve seen what Ozuna CAN do – but we’ve also seen what he can’t do, especially lately. In order to see what Yelich and Marisnick can offer, Ozuna would need to go down so that all three can get regular at bats. Plus, remember Ozuna has almost no playing time above A ball. Dietrich hasn’t been rough – he’s OPSing about what I’d expect from Donovan Solano, his presumptive replacement, who we’ve seen plenty of. He’s going to be a low BA and low OBP guy, so his struggles in those areas don’t concern me much and I don’t think it’s anything that will be fixed in AA.

Placido Estevez: Yes, the decision was justified based on the struggles both were having on the hitting side.  Ozuna was still providing plenty of value on the defensive side, but by going to the minors they will be able to work on their hitting with less pressure to perform right away.

Andy Salgado: I can think of some other players I would have rather sent down, but baseball is a business and depending on how many options are left on a contract I rather send down players who we will keep then put players on a waiver. No worries Ozuna and Dietrich will be back in the major before you know it.’

Alex Agueros: Their play warranted a demotion, definitely. But an argument could be made they shouldn’t have been in the Majors to begin with. The fact they were in the lineup should be another point against the front office for not having (or using) ample replacements in AAA.

3. What do you expect to see from Yelich and Marisnick in their major league debuts tonight?

Geoff Parkins: I’d like to see them both reach at least once each. I’d like to see a little evidence of plate discipline, and I’d prefer they not boot the ball around on defense.

David Polakoff: Who knows. I was surprised by how Ozuna started out of the gate, and I’ve been surprised by Fernandez all year, so anything is possible.

Placido Estevez: I expect Yelich to hold his own against right handed pitching, but struggle mightily against the left handers.  Marisnick, I expect, will be very inconsistent with plenty of strikeouts, but flashing the power and speed combination on occasion.  Hopefully, he can avoid falling into a prolonged slump, but I think that risk is much higher with him than with Yelich.

Andy Salgado: Yelich 2-4 with a Home Run and a single. Marisnick 2-3 with a double, single, a walk, and an amazing play in the outfield.

Alex Agueros: They won’t look out of place, they’re talented. In Coors, a home run from Yelich isn’t out of the question.