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Miami Marlins Considering New Uniforms?


Sep 29, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jose Fernandez (16) celebrates by holding up the jersey of Henderson Alvarez (not pictured) after Alvarez threw a no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers at Marlins Ballpark. The Marlins won 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This past week we learned that the Miami Marlins would be resurrecting the red-orange caps worn on occasion during the 2012 season.  This alternate cap is the team’s best seller and the move appears to be an attempt to capitalize on the fans’ merchandising preferences.

It now appears that this will not be the team’s only attempt to increase merchandising revenue.  Marlin Maniac may have learned through a network of unnamed sources who may have acquired information from other sources who may or may not be close to the team that a total redesign of the Marlins uniform may be in progress for next season.

It is rumored that owner Jeffrey Loria has ordered radical changes to the team’s uniform that could set the baseball world ablaze in controversy.  Marlins players have been recalled to a secret testing facility where they are trying out these new concepts in uniform design.  The new concepts will be attempting to exploit fan interest and allow the maximum opportunity for sponsor’s logos.

Marlin Maniac has obtained the following secretly taped video of the uniform testing in progress under actual game conditions:

While most of the players are seem somewhat concerned with how these unusual uniforms will affect their ability to perform on the field, Giancarlo Stanton is said to be quite pleased with the freedom of movement he was able to get in the cheerleader style uniform he was assigned.  He says that his experience in appearing in the ESPN Body issue last season really taught him that less is more when it comes to uniform design.

Derek Dietrich, on the other hand, is supposedly very suspicious of Loria’s motives in insisting that he wear the baby in a diaper style uniform complete with pacifier.

Early reports are that Loria’s personal favorite might be the placard style jerseys with the social media logos on the front and the player’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram handles on the back.  These offer the most available space for sponsorship opportunities.  Some of the pitchers, however, have expressed concern regarding the restricted throwing motions they will be forced to employ.

A final decision on the uniform designs for 2014 may be coming soon, but probably not.  Stay tuned anyway, just in case.  Trick or treat!