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Marlins Sign Rafael Furcal to One Year Deal


Mandatory Credit: Vincent Pugliese-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports by Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the Marlins have agreed to sign Rafael Furcal to a one year deal, physical pending.  The Marlins are projecting him to be their everyday second baseman

Furcal has a career .281/.316/ .341 triple slash line and has always been a plus defensive shortstop with a cannon for an arm.  Furcal has also been a very injury prone as he’s gotten older.  He has played in more than 100 games only twice since the 2008 season and missed the entire 2013 season after having  Tommy John surgery.

Furcal, has been a consistent 2-3 WAR performer during his career and has track record of getting on base and playing good defense.

The wider implication of this deal is that the Marlins’ front office doesn’t think that Derek Dietrich is ready to be the everyday second baseman for this team.  I expect that they are hoping he can work on his plate discipline and defense in order to compliment his obvious raw power. Especially in a position where hitting for power is not expected.

This might seem similar to the Juan Pierre or Placido Polanco deals, a washed up guy the Marlins can get on the cheap. But unlike those deals, there is legitimate upside and if Furcal is healthy they may have a consistent  number 2 or number 7 hitter.