Miami Marlins Winter Meetings: Live Blog, Day 2


Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue with day 2 of baseball’s Winter Meetings in Orlando, Florida, the Logan Morrison trade watch resumes at high alert. Day 1 of the meetings were largely tame, presumably due to the rush of free agents that signed in the week leading up to the Winter Meetings.

Most of the excitement that Marlins’ fans faced were based on the many rumors that were swirling around a potential trade of Logan Morrison. At one point LoMo was in route to Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Baltimore, back to Milwaukee and then back to Baltimore before the day ended with Morrison still wearing the orange and black, for Miami that is.

Nevertheless, time seems to be short for Morrison as a Marlin. With the signing of Garrett Jones, Miami doesn’t really have a need for the Twitter aficionado. Morrison has been relatively silent about a pending trade, choosing instead to abide by his usual rules of staying away from religion, politics and the business side of baseball on Twitter.

Marlins’ fans seem to be already accepting the inevitable trade, yet are none too pleased by it. They feel a kinship with Morrison, as he is one of the longest tenured Marlins on the team. This trade will not be easy to accept for fans, but the front office seems to have deemed it necessary to push the reset button at the first base position. We can only hope that what Miami receives in exchange for the young first baseman will be worth giving up on the fan favorite.

Join us below for the live blog. Be sure to leave your comments and questions and we will discuss everything that is going on today, day 2, of the Winter Meetings.