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Greatest Moments in Marlins History: #98 The First Back to Back


Charles Johnson waiting for the game to start.

Welcome back to the Greatest Moments in Marlins History. Luis Castillo was not the first Marlin to win back to back Gold Glove Awards; that honor belongs to Charles Johnson. That’s why for moment 98 we are taking a look at Charles Johnson’s 1996 Gold Glove Award as a catcher.

After coming off an impressive rookie year in 1995, Charles continued to impress with his defensive skills! At the plate, Charles may have had a sophomore slump; but behind that plate he was unstoppable! In 1996 Charles recorded 751 put outs, 70 assist, only committed 4 errors, was part of 12 double plays, and had a fielding percentage of .995 (.006 better than the league average).

Don’t think of stealing of Charles either- in 84 attempts to steal on Charles he threw the runners out 40 times. That 40 times was 2nd best in the National League, and gave Charles a 47.6% in caught stealing, which was also 2nd best in the league as well!

This moment seems a lot like moment 99, but isn’t that what you want in a player? Someone who is going to come in and perform his best day in and day out, play every day at the same level, and be the best at what he does? Join me tomorrow as we handle the final Gold Glove in the Marlins collection.