Marlins Release Promotional Schedule: 10 Best Games of 2014

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#10 Miami Marlins Dads Ceramic Beverage Mug: Sunday June 15th, 1:10pm, vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

It might not be former Pirate Garett Jones’ first game against his old team, but here’s to hoping that Jones is able to stick it to his former team who wouldn’t pay him enough to keep him. The Marlins are obviously using Father’s Day as a great reason for Dad’s to head out to the ballpark and, after all, who wouldn’t want a mug to keep drinks nice and warm in steamy south Florida?

This giveaway will be for the first 5,000 Dad’s (yup, Dad’s only). No word on whether they will offer free DNA testing just to make sure any kids you bring are actually yours.

Note: this is not the actual mug, just a guess as to what it might be like, I am sure that the one provided will be much, much worse.