Marlins Release Promotional Schedule: 10 Best Games of 2014

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#9 Miami Marlins Sea Creatures Kids Plush Doll: Sunday September 7th, 1:10pm, vs. Braves

I have to admit, this one probably wouldn’t have made the list had it not been for Miami taking on Atlanta this day. But if you are going to have to drag your kids to the ballpark, they might as well get something for free. Think of it this way, now you don’t have to spend an hour at the stupid crane game at the local pizza place spending twenty dollars trying to pick up this stupid stuffed sea creature.

This giveaway is going to the first 5,000 kids to arrive, but speaking from experience, I believe they should give it to the first 5,000 kids that leave. After all, the main reason those parents are leaving early is because their kids are annoying them anyway. What better way to bribe your kids then getting a stuffed sea creature when you leave the game?