Marlin Maniac Season Preview Round Table

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Mar 29, 2014; Tampa, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jose Fernandez (16) signs autographs before a scheduled spring training exhibition game against the New York Yankees at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

1. Will Jose Fernandez face regression or will he continue to be one of the game’s elite pitchers in his sophomore season?

Ehsan Kassim: He’s not going to be post an ERA in the low 2’s again in 2014, but will still be a dominant ace. Another top 3 finish in the NL CY Young race is not out of question, but it may take him a season or two to finally catch Clayton Kershaw.

Chris Logel: I think I will have to answer this question with both. It is not likely that Jose will post an ERA better than his 2.19 last year, but even if he is around 2.50, which is where I think he will be, I think he contends for the N.L. Cy Young again. His stuff is nasty and I really believe that we are in for a treat in his second season.

Geoff Parkins: I expect early command issues and a season that starts with a lower K/BB than he posted last year.  I think he’s been busier being Jose Fernendez, Inc. than he’s admitting to himself, and it will bite him in the ass until he has a really bad outing or two.  Then, he’ll have an “oh, shit” moment and tighten up.  From mid-May on. he’ll be a machine.

David Polakoff: Both. It’s almost impossible for him to have a season as good as he did last year, but even with a little regression he’ll be among the game’s top pitchers.

Andy Salgado: Last season I said Jose needed one more year in the minors and maybe called up late in the season. Boy did he prove me wrong. So let me keep the trend. I think this year Jose will drop off from last years amazing performance *wink* *wink*.

Placido Estevez: Both even with some regression Fernandez will continue to be an élite pitcher and place in the top 5 for the Cy Young Award.

Esteban Bailey: Of course Jose Fernandez will continue to be one of the game’s élite pitchers. Fernandez’s work ethic and competitive nature will not allow for a prolonged slump this year. He may have some high’s and low’s and may have to face more adversity than last year, but I just cannot see Fernandez losing the confidence and energy needed to be a star.

Daniel Zylberkan: After the kind of numbers that Jose posted up his rookie year: 2.19 ERA, a K/9 near 10, a WHIP under 1 and HR/9 of 0.5, it is hard to believe that he will not regress some. It its entirely possible that he could improve but the much more likely outcome is that his peripheral stats could move in such a direction to negatively affect his run prevention.