Marlin Maniac Season Preview Round Table

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Mar 9, 2014; Jupiter, FL, USA; Miami Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton (27) puts the ball in play against the Detroit Tigers at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

2. How many home runs will Giancarlo Stanton hit in 2014? Will the lineup behind him force pitchers to give him an adequate amount of pitches to cause his damage?

Ehsan Kassim: I am going with 47. It’s going to be difficult to see him hitting 50 this season in Marlins Park, but I really want to see him shatter Gary Sheffield‘s franchise mark of 42.

Chris Logel: The age old Stanton home run question. I think he will flirt with 40 home runs this year, but an untimely injury will likely keep him away as in seasons past. I think he is capable of hitting 50 but I see him at 38 for the season. The lineup will help some, but Stanton still needs to work on his plate discipline for it to be a bigger factor.

Geoff Parkins: 40+, and maybe closer to 55+. The left-handed power behind him will take away the option of pitching around him. Saltalamacchia and Jones have demonstrated good power this spring, beyond what’s expected of hitters in the spring.

David Polakoff: He’ll hit 32 home runs. I don’t think it matters about the lineup around him – he’ll hit them regardless.

Andy Salgado: Every time I give a number for how many home runs Stanton hits he hit 10 to 15 less so he’s going to hit 55 home runs this year. If Stanton hits like everyone thinks he is going to hit no matter who is behind him pitchers are still going to give him really nothing to hit and hope that it won’t hurt them, but I think the new players and the returnees with experience under there belt will make them pay.

Placido Estevez: Stanton finally seems healthy and will hit 40 home runs.  The improved power in the lineup will definitely convince pitchers that they need to give Stanton more pitches to hit.

Esteban Bailey: Giancarlo Stanton will hit 34 home runs this year as long as he stays healthy. If the lineup gives some protection to Stanton, then the home run total will increase by a lot. His pure power will allow him to get to 30 plus home runs and I fully expect him to grow into a much more polished hitter this season.

Daniel Zylberkan: If Giancarlo is able to play 150 games and get close to 600 PA a 40 home run season is entirely within reach but I would think he gets closer to 35 than 40 HR.  Compared to 2013 the Marlins lineup looks much more legitimate and will produce at least enough offense to keep pitchers honest. Garrett Jones, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Casey McGehee will be able contribute enough offense so at least Giancarlo will get some pitches to hit.