Marlin Maniac Season Preview Round Table

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Sep 3, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Miami Marlins left fielder Christian Yelich (21) hits an RBI double against the Chicago Cubs during the fifth inning at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

3. What kind of season is in store for Christian Yelich? Which one of the two of Jake Marisnick and Marcell Ozuna will have a break out season?

Ehsan Kassim: I am a huge Yelich fan and could see him turning into the Marlins next star. I also am cautious with him, as I could see him as the next Jeremy Hermida, because of his strikeout rates, struggles against lefties, and past injury history. I think he posts .262/.350/.420 slash line. More than I like Yelich, I love Marisnick’s potential. I think his ceiling is higher than even Yelich’s. I think we see glimpses of that, once he’s called up in May.

Chris Logel: I believe Yelich will turn in a solid season in year two. I think he will post a batting average around .295 and an obp around .355. Throw in double digit home runs and 25 steals and he is well on his way to a solid 2014 campaign. As far as center field goes, I think this is the year that Jake Marisnick really takes off. He has played excellent all spring, and even though he may not begin the season as the starter in center field, he will end up there by mid-season and by the end of 2014 he will be the everyday center fielder for the future.

Geoff Parkins: I’m looking to Yelich to supply the extra base hits that Marlins Park supports so well. I see plenty of doubles from his bat.  Defensively, his routes will improve.  I don’t see Marisnick really breaking out this year, unless he starts seeing pitches better, and improves his plate discipline. Ozuna’s AAA stint from last year gives him a slight edge over Marisnick, but he has the same plate discipline issues.

David Polakoff: Yelich will have a solid season with a .280 batting average and .370 OBP, but the power won’t be there. Neither Marisnick nor Ozuna will have a breakout season, with the team playing the hot hand between the two of them.

Andy Salgado: I think Yelich will have a .300 AVG. 20 HR, 80 RBI, 30 SB season. I want to believe that both players will have a break out season, but of the 2 I think Jake might have a little more to prove being how his season went last year and coming up with Yelich and the season he had. Jake will breakout. Not saying that Marcell will have abad season. I think he’ll start hot but then even out to an average player.

Placido Estevez: Yelich will have a solid, but unspectacular season.  His value will be as the team’s leadoff hitter with a solid on base percentage.  Neither Osuna nor Marisnick will have a break out season, but Ozuna will do enough to keep the CF job with the major league club all season.

Esteban Bailey: I firmly believe that Christian Yelich will have a very strong season where he exhibits a lot of potential that we have seen in him since he was drafted. I’d like to think that he could probably hit above .300 and maybe have 15 home runs in his first full big league season. Now between Marisnick and Ozuna, I think the added minor league seasoning will help Marisnick develop into a superior player to Ozuna, but Ozuna will have a more productive season up in the Majors. Hopefully, the power that Ozuna exhibited in the minors will finally arrive to the majors.

Daniel Zylberkan: Christian Yelich seems to be ready to be the Marlins everyday left fielder in his time in the minors and last year in the Majors he has shown he can hit and more importantly get on base. Yelich will start the season as the Marlins leadoff hitter and I have no question he could stay there all season and be a key to the Marlins offense all year. If Yelich hit 15 HR, stole 20+ plus bases, got on base at around a .330 clip and played good defense i would not be surprised. Ozuna will be the Opening Day center fielder for the Marlins so far in his time as a member of the Marlins he has been very streaky hitter, last season then in Dominican Winter Ball and in spring training. If he lives up to expectations his power bat will start to show against big league pitching and he will improve his pitch recognition and plate discipline skills. As long as he doesn’t struggle mightily to the point he seems to be flailing Ozuna will man center field for the Marlins. A breakout season for Ozuna would be one where he gets on base at above league average for center fielders around .325 while not striking out as much.