Marlin Maniac Season Preview Round Table

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Mar 1, 2014; Jupiter, FL, USA; Miami Marlins pitcher Andrew Heaney (70) throws a pitch against the St. Louis Cardinals at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

4. When do you expect to see some of the Marlins top minor league arms, including Andrew Heaney, reach the big leagues?

Ehsan Kassim: I see no reason not to expect to see Andrew Heaney in the Marlins rotation by mid-June, which should be after the Super-2 cut-off date. Heaney will take over the last rotation spot from Tom Koehler and thrive in that role for the rest of the season.

Chris Logel: The Marlins are fortunate that they have so many MLB ready arms. That being said there is a logjam currently at the top. It will be really interesting to see how Miami handles the possibility of a trade this season. Either way, we won’t see Andrew Heaney until after the deadline for service time to accumulate. I believe he will be the only one that we see from the starter’s this year.

Geoff Parkins: Barring injuries, September.  Our rotation is solid.

David Polakoff: Andrew Heaney will be the 5th starter by the beginning of July.

Andy Salgado: Do I have to answer this question? I was completely wrong about Jose last year and I’ve never been happier to be wrong. Let’s look at the top 3 pitchers for this one: Andrew Heaney, Justin Nicolino, and Anthony DeSclafani. Heaney will make it to the Major this year. Whether its because of injury or some pitchers not performing well I see him in the Majors by July. The other 2 will only get up if there is no other option for pitchers. If it’s anything like last year these 2 will get up and battle for Rookie of The Year if its anything like the prediction I made last years.

Placido Estevez: Heaney will reach the big leagues this season, but not until late in the year.

Esteban Bailey: At best, Heaney comes in midseason and the rest of the major league ready arms come in during September and hopefully help with the Marlin’s stretch run. However, the Marlins are a small market team so when Heaney passes the necessary financial deadlines, is probably the time he will get a shot in the Majors.

Daniel Zylberkan: Nicolino and DeSclafani will probably not pitch with the big league club this year as they aren’t nearly as far along their development as Heaney. Heaney will step into the rotation if either one of the current members really struggles or if there is a rash of injuries to it. By all accounts Heaney seems to be ready to pitch and be a star in the Major he just needs a path which most likely will happen given the amount of attrition inherent in playing a 162 game season.