Marlin Maniac Season Preview Round Table

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Mar 3, 2014; Jupiter, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jacob Turner (33) delivers a pitch against the Houston Astros at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

5. Which Marlins player is a sleeper for the 2014 season? Which Marlins player is destined to be the biggest bust?

Ehsan Kassim: Jacob Turner is my sleeper. He’s been hitting 95-96 on the radar gun and had a much smoother Spring Training. I think by the season’s end, he stakes a major claim on a rotation spot going forward. My bust is Garrett Jones, as the Marlins will run him out against lefties one too many times, which is a major mistake, especially with some like Jeff Baker on the team.

Chris Logel: Sleepers and busts…As far as sleeper’s go I have to say that Jake Marisnick and Derek Dietrich are my two sleepers this year. I think both win starting jobs at some point during the season and go on to produce. If I am looking at busts this season, my money is on Jacob Turner and Rafael Furcal. I believe that Furcal is going to spend most of the season hurt and Turner is going to struggle on the mound. With Furcal hurt, I think the Marlins may be better off due to Dietrich and Solano’s play.

Geoff Parkins: Adeiny Hechavarria is the sleeper. His defense is underrated, and I don’t think it will be fully appreciated until the advanced defensive stats hit full stride in 2015. Dan Jennings will be the bust.  I see him packing for New Orleans sooner than later. Even as early as June.

David Polakoff: AJ Ramos is a sleeper. After the Marlins trade Cishek at the deadline, Ramos is going to step up into the closer role and have a fantastic August and September. Garrett Jones is going to be the biggest bust.

Andy Salgado: Derek Dietrich! I think he is going to stun everyone with his glove and bat this year and win a starting spot on the roster. Biggest bust? I hope no one but if I had to pick someone it would be Rafael Furcal. I hope he stays healthy but this off-season says other wise.

Placido Estevez: Tom Koehler will be the Marlins sleeper, passing Jacob Turner and Henderson Alvarez in the rotation pecking order. The biggest bust will be Rafael Furcal who will struggle with injuries all season.

Esteban Bailey: The Marlins biggest sleeper could be starter Jacob Turner, who seems like he has been in the Major’s for years, but his youth and experience could finally bring in a very solid season. For the biggest bust, it definitely has to be Case McGehee. While he is just a stopgap for the team, there needs to be  production from the hot corner and it remains to be seen if McGehee can transfer his play from last year in Japan, to the states.

Daniel Zylberkan: Derek Dietrich showed what he can do with his power bat last year and that was in a lineup where he was batting fourth behind Marcell Ozuna. If Dietrich is given the opportunity to hit sixth or seventh and be in a situation where his production will be life or death for the team he could “learn on the job” and cut down on his strikeouts and raise his walk rate and OBP. Dietrich’s development will be one of the biggest stories for the Marlins this season. Rafael Furcal started the season on the DL and I have feeling he will spend a lot more time there this year. He came so cheap it doesn’t really matter but it seems like Furcal’s injury history will bite yet another team and finally lead to his retirement after the 2014 season.