Marlins Select Tyler Kolek 2nd overall


Nobody could quite get the pulse of the Marlins before the first round of the draft; as it was unclear whether the team would go after a much needed position player with the second pick, or bolster their already deep crop of minor league pitching. The team elected to go the route of a young pitcher in the form of Tyler Kolek, a flame throwing righty from Shepherd, Texas. Mike Hill says the team was smitten with Kolek, and spent hundreds of hours watching him dominate the competition in prep school.

Miami opted to go with Kolek over the more polished lefty from NC state, Carlos Rodon. Miami could not resist the heat, as Kolek has reportedly been clocked by the team at 102 MPH, a figure that is unheard of at the High School level.  Kolek stands at 6’5, 265 lbs, and still has room to fill. An intimidating frame that is rare among 18 year-olds. Outside of his fastball, Kolek’s secondary stuff needs to be developed. His slider is his second most featured pitch, followed by his curveball and change-up.

Kolek should have ample time to develop his arsenal in the minors, as there is no immediate need for him in the majors. Depending on how the current rotation says intact, Kolek could be called upon as soon as 2016, but given his age its unlikely we’ll see him before then. This pick brings plenty to be excited about, as the kid has huge potential based on his fastball alone. Not many guys in the big leagues can throw 100, and Kolek is only 18.  Hopefully he stays healthy, continues to improve his stuff, and dominates the minors so we can see this kid pitch at Marlins Park.

What do you guys think of the selection? let me know in the comments, and Go Fish!