MLB Trade Deadline: The Miami Marlins Should be Buyers


The Miami Marlins’ plan of action during the fast approaching trade deadline is largely up in the air. Buy or sell? The question is not easily answered. A 7 -game losing streak bridged by the All Star break convinced everyone the Marlins would sell, but a recent hot streak  has revived the debate.

The team really has one option, buy.

Giancarlo Stanton is a generational talent, and he’s tired of rebuilding. Selling off veterans like Casey McGehee and Steve Cishek may be “smart baseball moves”, but prospects are anything but a safe bet at this point. Why give up major league players who are producing and risk hurting your chances at extending a bona fide All Star?

The Marlins have a slim chance at making the playoffs this year. 2015 could be a break through season, especially if the team acquires a controllable starting pitcher a la Tommy Milone. If Jose Fernandez returns at full strength at some point next season, this team could be dangerous. Not 82 or 78 wins, a legit 90 win team that could win its first division title.

Buying at the trade deadline could be great for the franchise, and a front office desperate to win over fans. This team has been laughed at by the public for as long as I can remember. Showing the fans a real desire to win would be a step in the right direction. I’m tired of having to justify trades and salary dumps in my head, and accepting moves that “build for the future.” I’m sure most Marlins fans share that feeling. No more prospects, no more Jake Marisnicks, Jacob Turners, no more false hope. I want to win, and so should the front office.

The city of Miami deserves a winning baseball team, with Lebron back in Cleveland, now is the time to grab the fans attention. Not 2017, or 2018. The time is now and should extend into next season and beyond.

Make it happen, Miami.