MLB Trade Rumors: Miami Marlins “an intriguing candidate to surprise the industry”


The Miami Marlins are making noise around the baseball world for all the right reasons into the end of the July in the 2014 season. The team has won 8 of their last 10 games and have made an interesting run for the division lead. As a result of this run, the Marlins are now seen around baseball as a potential buyer at the trading deadline, set to take place on Thursday.

According to Buster Olney of ESPN (Insider Subscription Required), the Marlins are starting to make a buzz around the league and could be “an intriguing team to surprise the industry” leading up to the deadline:

"It doesn’t always make sense, but this is life in the Marlins’ organization, and this is exactly what is happening now. They have played through the loss of ace Jose Fernandez, and on Monday, Mike Hill pronounced that the Marlins will not be sellers. Rival executives say Miami lurks in the trade market, searching for a starting pitcher whom they can keep for more than the next two months."

The Marlins are making a run for the playoffs this year, but also seem to understand that the 2014 season may not be their window to win. For that reason, they are seeking a starter that can help the rotation this year and next. We already know three of the names that have been discussed by the Marlins includeTommy Milone, Ian Kennedy, Wade Miley.

Adding any of those three to the Marlins rotation would be a huge bonus for the Marlins this season and next year, when they get their ace Jose Fernandez back some time after the All-Star Break.

However, the bigger need for the Marlins, in my opinion, is the need to add a controllable middle infielder to the roster. The Marlins have not gotten much production out of second base and short stop and don’t have too many prospects that are close enough to the majors to make an impact this season or next.

While I’m in complete agreement looking at the numbers with co-editor Chris Logel and staff writer Daniel Zylberkan  that the Marlins should sell and build for next season and beyond. But my fanhood of the team is still pushing for me to root, and agree with Miller Lepree, for the Marlins to make a major splash at the deadline