GM Dan Jennings Believes Loria Will Open Wallet for Giancarlo Stanton to Stay in Miami


Popular opinion around baseball (including Marlins fans) is that Giancarlo Stanton will inevitably be traded. Jeffery Loria will never shell out the amount of money necessary to keep a star like Giancarlo, and that he doesn’t want to stay in Miami.

Good news, Marlins fans, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reporter hears Loria may be willing to pay the price it will take to get Stanton to stick around.

"“The theme has been repeated constantly by GM Dan Jennings, who really believes that owner Jeffrey Loria will step up and get a deal done even if it’s a Robinson Cano/Albert Pujols type of contract. “"

Finally, some positive news for a franchise that seems to have constant hysteria surrounding it.

Recently the talk of the franchise has been about Jose Fernandez and his Tommy John surgery Henderson Alvarez and his bouts with shoulder inflammation, and the inevitable Giancarlo is leaving, get it through your skull, Giancarlo is leaving.

Ken Rosenthal said it best “Free Giancarlo Stanton”. With a history of fire sales, lies, hiding attendance records, and losing seasons, why should we think anything different?

I’m a believer Loria will eventually pay Stanton and he’ll stay in Miami.

Why would Giancarlo want to leave? Miami is awesome, especially if your a 24 year old bachelor stud like Giancarlo. He owns a house in Miami, and the team is clearly improving.  He’s a part of the best outfield trio in baseball right now, and they’re only going to get better.

The question then, as always when discussing the Marlins, is the money. Will Jeffery Loria open his wallet? I think so.

If he lets Giancarlo slip through the cracks, and he goes on to have a Miguel Cabrera type career somewhere else, Loria would never hear the end of it. He’s done it to us too many times,  a home grown superstar who gets traded because Miami “can’t afford” a contract.

The fact of the matter is, Giancarlo Stanton is human just like us, and humans love money. If he was offered 200 million dollars to play baseball, my bet is that he wouldn’t say no.

It’s also important to note how this team is gelling together, young guys like Christian Yelich, A.J Ramos, Marcell Ozuna. They’re having fun out there. Walk-offs, comebacks, you name it. This team may not be in first place, and they probably won’t make the playoffs this year, but they’re learning how to win. Hopefully Giancarlo wants to stick around and be apart of it, when this team really starts winning.

Things are on the upswing for this young team, and extending Giancarlo would mean one thing: a shot at sustained success, something this team has never had.

Jeffery Loria, this one’s on you, do you want to start rebuilding your reputation? or cement your legacy as the most hated man in Miami? Your call.