Miami Marlins News: Giancarlo Stanton Shutdown for 2014


Long road trips did not agree with the Miami Marlins in 2014. Both of the Marlins longest road trips led to devastating injuries to the two stars of the Miami Marlins: Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Fernandez.

When the Marlins take the road for a long road trip next season, the team should seriously consider leaving their big named players at home and managing without them.

On Wednesday, the Marlins announced what most already knew, that Stanton was being shut down for the rest of the 2014 campaign. Stanton was hit on the face a week ago today, while the Marlins were facing the Brewers. A Mike Fiers pitch got away from him and hit Stanton directly in the face. What ensued was a disturbing moment for the Marlins franchise and we choose not to relive that scene at the moment.

But we do know, despite his insistence to get back in a game this season, that Stanton won’t be able to pad his MVP-caliber numbers.

"“There’s just not enough time for him to come back,” manager Mike Redmond said. “The doctors felt like he needed more time to heal, and it wasn’t worth rushing him back.”"

Though Stanton won’t be returning to an MLB game this season, the Marlins still plan on getting him some work at the plate before he heads back to California for the off-season.

"“We might get him in the instructional league or something, see some pitches and swing the bat a little bit before he heads back to California, just to get him back out there,” Hill said."

The Instructional League season runs through the first week of October in Jupiter for the Marlins.

Hill states that the injury will not have any impact on any contract extension talks that the Marlins are to have this season. Which is true from the team point. But the injury could make Stanton more likely to sign, as the lure of free agent being just two season’s away comes with obvious risks for Stanton that he can see now.

"“We’re hopeful that the season will end, he’ll be named MVP of the league, and we’ll get back into our offseason preparation and hopefully our long-term discussions with him,” Hill said."

Stanton’s agent was pleased with the Marlins, particularly owner Jeffery Loria’s, handling of the aftermath of the Stanton injury. Hopefully that comes into play when the two sides discuss the extension after the season.