MLB Park Showdown: Comerica Park vs Marlins Park


Sep 28, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers players celebrate after the game against the Minnesota Twins at Comerica Park. The Tigers clinched the Central Division Championship by defeating the Twins. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

To all those who have followed me over the past 5 years know that every year my family and I take a baseball road trip. This year was no different. I then decided to start doing the MLB Park Showdown here on Marlin Maniac. People loved it. I had fans who agreed with what I said, while others disagreed with my views. This year I am handling things a little different. I’m not going to choose a winner this year, because I’m sorry, I love Marlins Park and it hurts me to go against my team. So instead it will be a comparison of what the other stadiums have or don’t have compared to Marlins Park. The three stadiums we visited this trip were Comerica Park, Roger Centre, and National Park where we saw the final game of the baseball season. I’ve looked over my notes and am ready to start this year MLB Park Showdown: Comerica Park vs Marlins Park.

The Outside Look:

If you knew nothing about baseball and I took you to Comerica Park and asked you what the mascot for Detroit was just by looking at the outside of the Stadium and you didn’t say tigers you would need to get your eyes checked right now. Not only is there is a huge tiger statue at the entrance of the park, there are tiger bust on almost every column (with lit up baseballs in their mouths), and two tigers guarding another entrance. My wife said that it is amazing, and I responded Could you imagine if marlin statues surrounded Marlins Park? Other than that it’s downtown Detroit so you make the call weather you like it or not. I do have to give them credit, they have fixed up the area surrounding the stadium quite nicely.

The Inside:

As soon as we walked in there was a little amusement park to the left of us. For all those who read my articles last year, you know how much I hate amusement parks in stadiums. The game should be enough to draw families to the park. That being said, I get it sometimes mom and dad want to go see a game and can’t leave the kids at home so this makes everyone happy. Other than that the stadium has a nice rustic feel to it. It looks like an old stadium but has a new feel at the same time. This is quite a contrast to Marlins Park’s brightness and up to date look.

Hall Of Fame: 

The Tigers Hall of Fame is different than others I’ve seen. Instead of just one spot, it’s scattered throughout the park. They have great Tiger moments and memorabilia all through the stadium. It’s everywhere you turn. They have baseball bats and gloves from past great players, uniforms and awards by Hall of Famers, and we can’t forget the statues of great past Tigers out by the outfield stands. If more parks did this for their Hall of Fame, I’d be a fan (Hint Hint Marlins Park).

The Home Run Statue:

I didn’t see a home run this game, but the fans around me told me that the fountains go off when the Tigers hit one out. I bet that would be a lot cooler than our statue in center field. Wait a minute, home run fountains and an amusement park? Are we sure I’m not back at Kauffman Stadium?

The Skyline:

With the open area that Comerica has you can see the downtown skyline in all its glory. I do have to admit with their tall skyscrapers it does put Little Havana’s skyline to shame at Marlins Park.

Variety of Food:

They have sushi at Comerica Park! Marlins Park used to have sushi, but doesn’t anymore. Marlins Park this past year lost some of my favorite foods. I’m not saying the food they have isn’t good anymore; they have a smoothie stand now, a few new craft beer carts, the amusement park treats, and of course the food item from the visiting team. Comerica has so much. A place with hot dogs from around baseball, 2 restaurants, tons of craft beers, BBQ, and so much more to list. My favorite…

The Must Have Food Item:

Bacon on a stick! Is there anything more I need to say? It’s bacon, it’s thick, and it’s on a stick! It was awesome!


Comerica has no Wi-Fi so moving on.


We sat in the upper deck on the third baseline at Comerica Park, and to me it just felt like we were so far away from the action. I have said this before with other stadiums, that no matter where you sit at Marlins Park you fell right on top of the action. I’ll explain this a little more with the next MLB Park Showdown.

The Cold:

One of the benefits of having a retractable roof is we don’t have to deal with the elements. Over at Comerica you have to deal with the elements. When we landed in Detroit it was 60 something degrees and all I packed was shorts and t-shirts. I had to go buy a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt to deal with the 50 something degrees that hit later that night. So once again I am grateful for our roof.

Join me next time as I take on a fellow domed stadium, The Roger Centre!