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MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees have Checked in on Steve Cishek


After signing left handed reliever Andrew Miller, the New York Yankees are still investigating the market for a closer. One idea for them is to resign their own closer from a year ago, David Robertson. However, in the case that he bolts, the Yankees have already started doing their due diligence on potentially trading for a replacement for Robertson.

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Steve Cishek is a name that the Yanks appear to have interest in, and according to George A. King III of the New York Post, the Yanks have checked in with the Marlins about his availability.

"After checking with the Braves about Craig Kimbrel and the Marlins about Steve Cishek, the Yankees talked with the Royals to see if they were thinking about dealing closer Greg Holland or setup man Wade Davis."

Checking in and discussing a trade are completely two different things. So there is no actual smoke to the idea of Cishek being traded to the Yankees, just yet. However, if Robertson were to sign with a team like the Astros, that would open the door for the two sides to start discussing a trade.

It would be foolish of the Yankees to try and trade for Robertson’s replacement right now, especially since they offered him a qualifying offer worth $14.3 million. If no market for his services were to develop and the Yanks traded for Cishek, they’d be stuck with the contracts of Cishek, Miller, and Robertson for the upcoming season. That’s way too much money tied up to the bullpen, even for the Yanks.

If the Marlins were to deal Cishek to the Yanks, the team would likely be searching for an infielder, and no Alex Rodriguez would not be a fit for the team. I’m not too familiar with the Yankees farm system, so I’m not going to speculate on who the Marlins could get in return, but the Marlins are not going to give him away.

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