Snowmageddon 2015: Miami Marlins history of “snow-outs”

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Honorable mention: October 22, 1997
World Series Game 4 – Florida Marlins at Cleveland Indians

I’m including this one for its historical significance and because, what Marlins fan doesn’t love reminiscing about the 1997 World Series?

At Cleveland’s Jacobs Field the Marlins and Indians played the coldest World Series game on record, amidst snow flurries with a first-pitch temperature of 38 degrees and a windchill reaching 18 degrees.

Ironically, this occurred after the first two games of the series were played in Miami, where the temperatures floated around 80 degrees.

The Indians dug Florida into an early 6-0 hole and they never could recover on the night. Manny Ramirez and Matt Williams both homered for Cleveland, and Moises Alou and Jim Eisenreich provided the only scoring for the Marlins.

The Indians won game four, 10-3. But the Marlins, of course, won the World Series.

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