MLB Rumors: Marlins Interested in Hector Olivera?


Since the beginning of the new year, the Miami Marlins showed little interest in Cuban free agent Yoan Moncada and were spurn by free agents James Shields and Francisco Rodriguez. So could that mean the team has some left over money to spend?

Well, according to Ben Badler of Baseball America, the Marlins could be interested in the services of another Cuban infielder, Hector Olivera.

"The same could be true for the Marlins, who have a couple of selling points with Miami being a prime destination for Cuban players and having no state income tax. With the Marlins just making a pair of trades in December to add second baseman Dee Gordon and third baseman Martin Prado, there isn’t an obvious fit for Olivera, although Prado has the versatility to slot into several positions if the Marlins wanted to move him around."

As Badler points out, the Marlins don’t have an immediate opening for Olivera to slide into, but an injury to one of the regulars could provide the Marlins with depth.

One of the most compelling parts of Martin Prado’s game is his versatility. Prado has game experience playing every position, except for center field and catcher.

With Ichiro Suzuki on the docket to be the Marlins fourth outfielder, the Marlins could have the luxury of sliding Prado out there if more than one outfielder needs a day off.

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Prado’s  experience of playing first base could come in handy, if Michael Morse, whose played in more than 100 games in a season just three times in his career, were to miss time with an injury.

This could be very useful if the team decides to enter the season with a 13-man pitching staff.

If the team were to sign Olivera, who Badler believes should start his career in the big leagues, he’d likely make a superior bench option than Donovan Solano, Derek Dietrich, Miguel Rojas, or Justin Bour.

On the surface, with their off-season moves, a fit for Hector Olivera on the Miami Marlins is hard to find. However, if we start digging a little deeper, there is a better fit then expected.

However, despite Miami being a logical fit for Cuban players, the Marlins have yet to have that advantage play out in their favor. Also, Olivera could look at the Marlins situation and see that he would not likely have an everyday role with the team immediately, making the Marlins less likely of a destination.

To me, the Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres seem like more logical destinations for the second baseman.