Miami Marlins Remain Lost Under Jeffrey Loria


To start this ultra hot take I will make this clear: I do not think Mike Redmond was a good manager. 

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Now that’s out of the way, let me tell you how I really feel. We have all seen this movie before, and no, I’m not talking about the one from 2003 that ended with Josh Beckett holding a World Series trophy.

This is the Jeffrey Loria show; where we watch the mercurial man with a vision stomp all over the dreams of a depleted fan base with his quick trigger finger and lack of foresight.

I truly believe that Loria has good intentions, but he continually fails to get out of his own way. Everyone knows the narrative on Loria, marked by a couple of fire sales, lies about revenue, the basement payrolls, and most relevantly the never-ending managerial carousel.

Mike Redmond was the latest victim to Loria’s quick twitch, and will add to the list of unemployed men being payed by the Marlins.

"As noted by @JonHeymanCBS, #Marlins also are still paying former GM Larry Beinfest, along with Guillen and now Redmond.— Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) May 17, 2015"

The frustrating part with all of this is clearly not with the change of manager, like always, it’s the timing. A season of overachieving in 2014 led to a 3-year extension for Redmond, and the front office preached stability all off-season. This was finally the time for them to act like a “normal” organization, with Redmond at the helm of their young, homegrown core of players.

Thirty eight games later, Redmond now “lacks fire” and is not the right guy for the job.

Mike Redmond is not at fault for Steve Cishek blowing four saves, Mat Latos being terrible, Henderson Alvarez getting injured, Christian Yelich developing a back problem, or Michael Morse failing to do anything productive.

Clearly the issues this team faces go far beyond the guy who scribbles names on the lineup card. This storyline is getting tired, Jeffrey Loria fails to correctly identify the problem with his team, and takes out his frustration on the first guy he can think to blame.

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Unfortunately for Mike Redmond, he was that guy today. But who knows, if the Marlins managed more than 2 hits off of Shelby Miller and pulled off a win against the Braves, he could still have a job.

Obviously, Loria was intent on firing Redmond after the steam started 3-11, much like in 2012 when he gave up on the 162 game season after two weeks. To quote Ken Rosenthal again, he offered some insight to Loria’s hunch:

Regardless of how you feel about Mike Redmond, one thing that remains a consensus is this: Jeffrey Loria has little feel for his executives, players, fans, or coaches. He continues to let us all down, and make irrational and poorly informed decisions.

While there’s still hope for this season, the manager in charge will have little to do with whatever success, or lack thereof, that this team is able to achieve.

The next man up will face the same obstacles as his predecessor, the largest of which will be pleasing his boss.

Whoever it is, I wish him good luck on his impossible task.