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Report: Miami Marlins’ Dan Jennings To Return As Marlins Skipper


Ozzie Guillen, Mike Redmond and Dan Jennings

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Those are three names of former and current managers who are still getting paid by the Miami Marlins. Ozzie was fired after the Marlins failed to meet expectations in 2012. Mike Redmond took over for Ozzie managed for 2 seasons and 2 months.

In Redmond’s first season in 2013, he got nothing to work with player wise and his team ended up losing 100 games. His second season was a respectable one where his team stayed in the playoff race until Giancarlo Stanton got hit in the face. Entering his third season, his team had major expectations, whether they were fair or not, the Marlins believed they had a team that had a chance of playing in October. Something the team hasn’t done since they won it all in 2003.

A slow start to 2015 cost Mike Redmond his job. The Fish got off to a 3-11 start and Redmond’s job was already in jeopardy, but the team fought to .500, saving the manager’s job, for the time being. However, after getting back to .500 the Marlins started losing again, and Mike Redmond was fired.

The Marlins replaced him with an unusual candidate, in general manager Dan Jennings.

Before I say anything else about this let me mention that Dan Jennings is a respected guy in baseball and is probably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. (I met him 24 hours before he was named manager).

The hiring of Dan Jennings was a head scratcher to those around baseball. Jennings hadn’t managed a team since he coached a High School baseball team three decades ago.

I said it the day he was hired and I say it now, the idea of hiring your General Manager to manage your team is NOT a bad one. But Dan Jennings is not the guy to do it and it’s not because he has no managing experience, it’s because he is not fully committed to sabermetrics.

A General Manager who is 100% bought into sabermetrics would be fine to manage a team.

Fast forward a month, the Marlins are 13-15 under the belt of Dan Jennings. Which isn’t awful but also not good.

That doesn’t seem to matter because the feeling around the Marlins is that Dan Jennings will be back as manager next year.

Of course things can still change since they aren’t even half way through the season but unless something drastically bad happens, Dan Jennings will return as the skipper.

In my opinion I don’t think Dan Jennings has done bad, but like I said earlier he still isn’t the guy for the job and bringing him back shows the Marlins don’t have a set plan.

We still don’t know what made Dan Jennings take the job in the first place, but most believe he did it as a favor to owner Jeffrey Loria. Loria as we all know, isn’t the most respected guy in baseball or in the South Florida community but Jennings has always been known to stand up for his owner.

So unless something out of the ordinary happens, your Miami Marlins 2016 manager will be Dan Jennings.

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