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Miami Marlins: All-Time Jersey Numbers

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Aug 25, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins first baseman Logan Morrison (5) hits an RBI single during the fourth inning against the Colorado Rockies at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As you may or may not know, I sometimes like to have fun with my articles like my All-Time 25 Man Roster. Sometimes I like to take a break from writing about potential trades, reasons why the Marlins just lost again and so on.

So this time, I’m going to list all the jersey numbers and who were the best Marlins to ever wear the jersey. I’m not going to be unfair either, like when the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t name LeBron James the best “number 23” in franchise history.

In here you’ll see some of your favorite Marlins of all time, you will see some All-Stars, some champions and some you will just think to yourself “Who?” or just the simple “This guy wasn’t good, how was he the best to wear that number?”

*All of these players listed have worn this number at least one season with the Marlins*

So here we go (1-25):

#1) Luis Castillo (1996-2005)

#2) Hanley Ramirez (2006-2012)

#3) Jorge Cantu (2008-2010)

#4) Mark Kotsay. (1997-1998)

#5) Logan Morrison (2012-2013) number 5 was retired until 2012.

#6) Dan Uggla (2006-2010)

#7) Ivan Rodriguez (2003)

#8) Andre Dawson (1995-96)

#9) Juan Pierre (2003-2005)

#10) Garry Sheffield (1994-98)

#11) Alex Gonzalez (2000-05)

#12) Mike Mordecai (2002-05)

#13) Marcell Ozuna (2013-present)

#14) Josh Willingham (2004-2008)

#15) Cliff Floyd (1997-99)

#16) Jose Fernandez (2013-present)

#17) Mike Jacobs (2006-08)

#18) Jeff Conine  (2003-05)

#19) Mike Lowell (2000-05)

#20) Miguel Cabrera (2003)

#21)  Josh Beckett (2003-2005)

#22) Al Leiter (2005)

#23) Charles Johnson (1993-1998)

#24) Miguel Cabrera (He was so good, he gets 2!) (2004-2007)

#25) Carlos Delgado (2005)

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