Miami Marlins News: Henderson Alvarez Out for Season


The season from hell continues for the Miami Marlins, as it was announced a short while ago that starter Henderson Alvarez is out for the season, as he is under going shoulder surgery.

Coming off an excellent 2014 season, in which Alvarez posted a 2.65 ERA and a 3.58 FIP in 187 innings, Alvarez was named the opening day starter for the Miami Marlins, with Jose Fernandez still recovering from Tommy John Surgery. 

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Opening Day didn’t go too well for the Marlins, but it was the only start of the season for Alvarez that could be considered decent. He pitched 7 innings, allowing 2 runs on six hits, struck out 2 and walked none. Alvarez ended up taking the loss, as the Miami Marlins fell to the Atlanta Braves.

The highlight of that game was the game being delayed due to a rainstorm, even though Marlins Park has a roof. It was a foreshadowing of the season to come for the Fish.

Alvarez made one more start, before landing on the disabled list with shoulder and elbow inflammation. It was his third trip to the DL in three seasons with the Miami Marlins.

Hoping his shoulder felt better, Alvarez returned to the majors on May 17th and made two more starts before hitting the DL, again with shoulder inflammation. This time the Marlins decided to ease Alvarez back into action, after no structural damage was found.

Two months later, Alvarez made his first rehab start and had no issues. He made one more start, felt fine in the game, but suffered a setback a day after the start, as his should started bothering him again.

On Monday, Alvarez went to see Dr. James Andrew about his shoulder and then today’s announcement of his surgery comes out. The Marlins are unsure if Alvarez will be ready for camp next spring.

Yesterday we had Chris O’Leary, more commonly known as @thepainguy on Twitter, on our FishCast episode to talk Alvarez, Fernandez, and the mechanics of Marlins pitchers. O’Leary feels that Alvarez needs to work on his mechanics, or he’ll experience more bouts with his shoulder in the future.

In all, Henderson Alvarez posted a 6.45 ERA and a 3.78 FIP in 22 2/3 innings in 2015, across 4 starts. There is no timetable for his return yet, so it’s hard to know what the Marlins can expect in 2016 from Alvarez. He was projected as the Marlins number 2 pitcher behind Jose Fernandez moving forward, but it’s hard to have the same view now with his shoulder issues.

We all hope for a speedy recovery from Henderson Alvarez and hope he returns to the Miami Marlins at full health. His loss is a tough one for Marlins to swallow, even in a season from hell.

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