Miami Marlins: Evaluating Kyle Barraclough’s debut

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Todd Cunningham stood as Barraclough’s next opponent. He led Cunningham off with a low slider, and induced a line out to Dee Gordon for the third out.

Watching this inning, I figured out that Kyle Barraclough can be legit. Yes, 11 pitches is a minuscule sample size, however, he proved his worth to me. He missed his spot just once, which is pretty good for a debut.

Barraclough also made Atlanta’s hitters look overmatched. Granted, it wasn’t the meat of the Braves’ order, but they’re major leaguers nonetheless.

The Cishek trade could have, and maybe should have, yielded better return. However, Barraclough is definitely a talented pitcher, no question about it.

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