Miami Marlins: No more forgiveness for Loria


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Everyone gets caught in hype. For me, it was March, when the Marlins looked like a promising team and had what seemed at the time a decent off-season. So, I wrote an article about giving Jeffrey Loria our forgiveness.

Obviously, looking back, it was dumb article. I admittedly got caught up in the hype. Although I am totally for giving some people the benefit of the doubt, Loria has reverted to his old ways again.

It takes a brave person to admit they were stupid or just made a mistake. At the time, I assumed my ‘forgiveness’ article would stay in the past. But due to the continued criticism of Loria, Hill, and co., the piece has been brought up again and again throughout the season. While I don’t hate Loria, I’m certainly no ‘fan’ of Miami’s owner.

In the preseason, I saw the Marlins competing for a Wild Card spot. Coming off of a decent season, the Fish had restocked and only looked to improve. But that expectation obviously proved to incorrect. Instead, the Marlins stand 24 games under .500 and saw themselves being cheap again at the July 31st trade deadline.

Apr 2, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria (left) talks with starting pitcher Jose Fernandez (right) as Fernandez

By no means am I a Loria homer, as proven on our Marlin Maniac Fishcast, where we often find ourselves criticizing the front office.

Well, I’m glad I got this off my chest and settled the dust a bit, after seeing my ‘forgiveness’ article continuously popping up on my Twitter feed.

Every writer (that doesn’t simply report news) has published a bold piece in which they were wrong. This was mine. Taking risks and utilizing opinion can cost a writer, but also make a writer.

So, I asked for you guys to give Loria your forgiveness. Now, I ask you to give me your forgiveness. But I mean it this time. Let’s not kid ourselves, we’ve all bought into the hype of something before, ignoring facts.

Now back to the real issue, the Marlins front office needs changes, and they need them soon. Seemingly a public enemy, not many support Jeffrey Loria, for good reason. We’re all on the same page here, it’s time to move on for the Marlins.

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