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Miami Marlins: Marlins interview Bo Porter and Manny Acta


With Dan Jennings stepping down as acting manager of the Miami Marlins at the end of the season, the Marlins have gone into full search mode for their next manager.

According to John Heyman of CBS Sports, the Marlins sat down and interviewed Braves third base coach and former Houston Astros manager Bo Porter and former Indians manager Manny Acta for the managerial job.

Bo Porter was only a Major League manager with two heavily rebuilding Houston Astros squad. The two seasons in Houston are not indicative of Porter’s managerial talent as he never fielded a team of performing players as Houston was more concerned with developing their minor league talent than having a competitive major league team. Porter compiled a 110-190 record in the two seasons and was fired last season replaced by A.J. Hinch.

One of Porter’s advantages on his résumé is that he has history inside of the organization. Porter was the teams third base coach from 2007-2009, so he does have a foot in the door in Miami.

Porter also fits Jeffery Loria’s want for an experienced manager, having been around baseball for years and having extensive experience coaching at the major league level.

Porter also spent time coaching in Arizona and Washington, in addition to his stops in Florida and Houston, before settling down in Atlanta for the 2015 season.

So what does Porter bring to the table?

He’s been known as a generally well-liked manager, players have good relationships with him and he’s a widely respected figure in baseball. He could bring a voice of leadership to a Marlins clubhouse that has lacked a consistent leader and a good voice in the locker room.

Then there’s Manny Acta, the 46-year old former Cleveland Indians manager, who’s been itching to get another job as a major league manager.

Manny Acta is a heavily analytical and forward-thinking manager who has preached the importance of playing fundamental baseball, using relievers and sacrifice bunting, a mind that the Marlins have lacked in their last two managers.

Acta is also Latino, a Dominican native.

Acta could have instant chemistry in the community of Miami, something the Marlins have lacked since making the move to Marlins Park. It would also help the players relate to their manager better, as the Marlins have four players from the Dominican Republic, including Marcell Ozuna and Jose Urena.

The one trouble spot, Acta’s record.

It’s a horrific 372-518 in his seasons at the helm of the Cleveland Indians and Washington Nationals. A case can be made that Manny Acta’s plight is similar to Bo Porter’s. Acta has never inherited a winning roster and was put in situations with rebuilding teams where winning immediately wasn’t a priority.

The Marlins have publicly said  this going to be a long process, interviewing a variety candidates, and narrowing it down to the best. As of right now, both Porter and Acta would be excellent candidates, who meet the Marlins’ requirements for a new manager, and both won’t cost too much as the Marlins are still paying the contract of Mike Redmond, who is no longer employed by the Marlins anymore.

Who would you like to see the Marlins hire as their new manager? Comment below or join the discussion on Twitter @MarlinManiac, we’d love to hear from you. Porter, Acta or somebody else? Who’s the best fit?

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