Miami Marlins All-Time Top 20


Morning Marlin Maniacs.  In the spirit of Spring Training, that time when hope, errr, springs eternal, we have a special series in store for our devoted readers…a group that hopefully includes more members than list.  Starting this week, we’ll be counting down towards # 1 as we work through our rankings of the top twenty Miami Marlins of all time.

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That’s right sports fans.  During the offseason, our team experts went through a highly technical process using all of the latest advanced metrics to crunch out the perfect list.  Then again, we might have just gone with our heart and our gut.  It’s hard to say.

Kidding aside though, this list is the product of our staff rankings, as well as a fan poll we briefly released earlier this January.  No criteria was given to the staff in making their determinations, beyond resisting the temptation to say Mike Piazza (look it up).  The first ten pieces will be pretty straight forward bios and highlights, penned by an individual staffer that drew the honor of talking up the player in question.  The Top 10 list will see a lot more discussion and debate as those features will see the whole crew here at Marlin Maniac lobbying for why everyone else is wrong, and their guy should be higher ranked than another.  Along with some good natured reminiscing too.

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And we need you be a part of all that.

We invite you, again, to hammer away on social media with your Tweets, to chat us up in the comments, to post away on Facebook, to go to whatever acceptable electronic means you can to tell us who you think warrants being in the Top 20.  Why are our picks wrong?  Who did we leave out? Over or under rank?  Maybe you agree, and want to share your favorite memories.  Go for it- we’re all baseball junkies and Marlin geeks here.

Now that those position players have finally reported as well, we’ll get started with No. 20 tomorrow.