Miami Marlins Opening Day


Twenty-four Opening Days.  That…is a lot Cracker Jack.

Or brats.  Or beer.  Or peanuts.  Chicken parm perhaps? Certainly plenty of snacks, but plenty of memories as well.  Some good, like Charlie Hough‘s first strike, and some not so good- last year comes to mind.  But how has the club fared overall on Opening Day?  And what have some of the brightest spots been? Marlin Maniac fills you in, and just takes a moment to celebrate the unofficial national holiday that is the first day of baseball season.

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Miami Marlins All-Time Opening Day Record: 11-12- fingers crossed for .500 after this one.

Most Common Opponent: Montreal/Washington at 5, and that includes that 7-6 2002 loss in a game Miami was winning 6-1.

Most Unusual Schedule Occurrence: First three Openers all against the Dodgers.

Most Runs Scored: FLA 12 WAS 6, Opening Day 2009

Least Runs Scored: FLA 0 HOU 1, Opening Day 2006

Biggest Margin of Victory: Tied at 9, Opening Day 2005 and 2014

Largest Loss: FLA 1 NYM 7, Opening Day 2010

Most Memorable: Opening Day 2004. Celebrating a champion while, unlike 1998, still being able to believe your team could do it again this season.  Full write up tomorrow.

Most Regrettable: Lots of good candidates.  But honestly, going to go 2012 here.  Beautiful new ballpark, but the tone was off from the outset between the overly gaudy chorus girls and the funeral silence that greeted that Muhammad Ali first pitch.  Then again, it could have been the out of state airfare and ticket mini-plan I had to purchase to secure that Opening Day access.  But something just seemed up from the start with that Marlins squad, and something certainly was.

But what were your favorites?  What have you blocked out? Let us know, be it in the comments or via Twitter.