Marlin Maniac RTD 12/2: Marlins 2016 Wrap and Looking Ahead

Hopefully, Bonds wasn't the only reason Yelich stepped up. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
Hopefully, Bonds wasn't the only reason Yelich stepped up. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports /
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Who Needs To Make The Most Improvement Next Season For The Marlins To Be Successful? 

Sean Millerick: I feel a little guilty using health as a metric here, but Stanton. Really, he needs to return to 2014 form, but even just 150 games or more of last year from the face of the franchise would pay huge dividends.

Austyn Varney: I think the easy answer here is Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton was obviously still great when on the field last year, but the Marlins need better. As we know, the starting rotation is rough, so the lineup is going to have to pick up some slack. Without a huge Stanton season, there is not much hope for that. When he is hitting the ball well, it helps everyone else out and turns the lineup into a machine. If he can stay healthy and hit the ball well, this offense should put up some great numbers.

David Marcillo: Giancarlo Stanton needs to play a full season and needs to be consistent if the Marlins are going to even sniff a .500 record in 2017. Truth be told, it’s likely to be a long, difficult season for the Marlins as they will have a very bad starting rotation and an offense that won’t be able to make up for it. With a rotation full of 4.50-5.50 ERA starters, Stanton may need to drive in 300 runs for the Fish to nab a Wild Card spot.

Kyle Rowley: Giancarlo Stanton. It’s pretty simple, really. If Stanton can return to his 2014 form and provide an elite power bat in the middle of this talented lineup, the Marlins can improve their win total. Especially with how bleak the rotation looks, the Fish need Stanton to return to form and make this lineup great. It seems that when Stanton is hot, the Marlins are hot. This isn’t a coincidence. With the tragic loss of Jose, Stanton needs to step up both on and off the field in 2017.

Joshua Alfonso: Stanton, the Marlins will go as he does. Stanton’s biggest issue is staying on the field. He is the unquestionable leader of this team but leading from the trainer’s room can only go on for so long. Stanton must improve his average and health.