Martin Prado might have to stay in Miami for another season

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 07: Martin Prado
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 07: Martin Prado /

The Miami Marlins managed to notch a victory on Monday night. But questions linger about Martin Prado‘s status on the disabled list, and with the team.

It’s no mystery that the Miami Marlins were listening to offers on infielder Martin Prado. The team captain is well liked by his peers, but wasn’t doing much for the organization’s bottom line. In the first year of a three year contract, the team was already looking to move Prado.

A number of potential suitors had emerged. The Yankees and the Red Sox appeared to be the most interested. In recent days, a deal with Boston was gaining steam, and an agreement appeared inevitable. The deal might have gotten the kibosh on Monday night.

With the injury to Martin Prado, the Marlins might have lost their best bargaining chip heading into the deadline.

Prado’s injury was eventually ruled a right knee sprain. He’ll be returning to the disabled list, while the team activates utility infielder Miguel Rojas from the DL.

Fingers crossed, it’s minor and won’t have any baring on an impending trade. But if Prado ends up missing an extended period of time, he might crash the Miami Marlins deadline party. The Boston Red Sox, or any team for that matter, will be leery to trade for a player making his third appearance on the disabled list.

Even if the Marlins are able to find a suitor for Prado while on the DL, they wouldn’t be out of the woodwork. They’d still need approval from the commissioner to deal Prado. The commissioners office must approve of any trades that involve a player on the disabled list.

Too slow on the trigger?

A trade for Martin Prado has been rumored since the day he made his return to the pro club. The Red Sox remain the likeliest option if the Fish are able to deal him. Boston is in the thick of a fierce AL East divisional race and have given on Pablo Sandoval.

The need for Prado is obvious, and it’s safe to assume that talks to acquire him had advanced significantly. Is it possible that the Marlins were too slow to execute a trade for Prado? There is no way of knowing for sure. Regardless, those talks are on hold while Prado is evaluated.

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Indications suggest that the Marlins will be looking to trade away veteran, non-core pieces in exchange for players that are nearly MLB ready.  If the injury is serious enough to keep Prado from being moved before the deadline, incumbent Brian Anderson could be left waiting in the wings.