All things considered, Miami Marlins quiet at deadline

MIAMI, FL - JUNE 25: AJ Ramos
MIAMI, FL - JUNE 25: AJ Ramos /

The Miami Marlins are officially sellers at the deadline this season. With a week remaining, and only one deal made, they figure to be relatively quiet.

You never know what the Miami Marlins might do. One of the most volatile teams in terms of retaining talent, they’re nearly impossible to pin down. But as of now, all signs point to the core of the team remaining in tact.

With that in mind, they’ll be fairly docile at the deadline considering how far out of contention they are. After moving David Phelps last week, and shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria nearly a month ago, there aren’t many moves left to make.

It appears the bulk of the turnover will take place in the bullpen. Beyond that, this will be the 2018 Miami Marlins.

For being 14.5 games out of the division lead, the Miami Marlins are operating like a team that is nearly there. Wise, considering the suspect starting rotation is to blame much of the teams struggles.

Closer AJ Ramos will be moved ahead of the deadline. Beyond that, there isn’t much else the team can do. Martin Prado was another name that they were looking to move, possibly to New York or Boston. But another injury has effectively taken him off the market.

Both the Red Sox and Yankees have addressed their third base issues in other ways.

There was some talk of possibly sending Kyle Barraclough in a package deal to Boston along with Ramos. But with that now off the table, it appears Miami will retain the services of their young, right-handed flamethrower. When Ramos is dealt, he is the 9th inning heir apparent.

Drew Steckenrider would likely get the promotion to fill Ramos’ spot in the event of a trade.

Presumed strength to prospective strength

It’s no industry secret that the Miami Marlins farm system is near the bottom of the league. The haul from trading pitcher David Phelps might help boost them into the top-25, but there is still work to be done.

Ramos should net a bigger haul than Phelps did. He’s been effective as a closer for the Miami Marlins, and has appeared in an All-Star game. He might have gotten another nomination if Miami had given him more chances in the first half.

There are a number of battles ongoing at the Major League level for the Marlins. Both on the infield, and in the starting rotation, players are jockeying for their future with the club. Perhaps the most unsung battle will be the one to take place in the bullpen next season.

Next: Marlins trade David Phelps

It remains to be seen what Miami gets back from their next trade partner. In trading Phelps, they got a couple of starters that could be ready by 2019. If they get players that are just as far off in a deal involving Ramos, they might turn to free agency in the offseason.

Even with the Steckenrider call up, the Marlins might need another arm in the bullpen.

There really isn’t much else the team can do at this juncture. They don’t have a lot of pieces that competing teams are interested in. And the ones they do have, they wisely aren’t willing to trade.